ROTM Keep or Suspend

Discussion in 'Ranger of the Month' started by Freemans 00, May 30, 2012.


Keep or Suspend ROTM contest

Poll closed Jun 6, 2012.
  1. Keep the contest

    21 vote(s)
  2. Suspend the contest

    6 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Freemans 00

    Freemans 00 Active Member

    This is a thread to either Keep ROTM going on or to suspend the contest. Everyone vote this is a forum contest so make your voice heard.

    IDK if I did this right so if no poll is posted a mod can make one in this thread, I clicked on the poll in this thread but doesnt make since to me so here you all go.
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  3. El Camino Man

    El Camino Man Thank The Lord For BBFs!

    Do you mean just suspend it for a few months or completely remove it?
  4. Brinker88

    Brinker88 Black sheep o' the family

    Suspended until there is more daily participating members.
  5. hazard-maine

    hazard-maine northern ranger driver

    just keep it going
  6. fomoco

    fomoco Moderator

    just keep it, i am gonna be able to start coming back on here more ofted, had some family issues as of late
  7. hazard-maine

    hazard-maine northern ranger driver

    i noticed the thread for nomitations like 6 or 7 times
  8. OP
    Freemans 00

    Freemans 00 Active Member

    It's a good contest and puts our best rangers in show for new members and new modders to see what we and you can do to a ranger.
  9. ob269

    ob269 New Member

    Why do we have the topic of suspending it anyways?
  10. ZRanger28

    ZRanger28 Got boost?

    Keep it cause I wanna be in it sometime lol
  11. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    The decision was ours to suspend it after this month due to lack of participation, not due to members attention span on finding the thread. We were going to kill the contest for a while but I decided to let the members have a say based on Freeman's points of view. So this is it, you may all have your say on this as to yes or no by voting in the poll. Please refrain from any type of derogatory remarks as I would like to see what everyone has to say about the topic without it causing a huge stir.
  12. hazard-maine

    hazard-maine northern ranger driver

    i say keep it, its a fun contest to see what people think of others trucks
  13. Black mamba

    Black mamba The mannnn

    Am I still the first one ? ;)
  14. I think it needs a revision too or a revival LOL
  15. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    Again.... read the bold. If it isnt kept civil, the thread will be closed
  16. Fx4wannabe01

    Fx4wannabe01 New Member

    I didn't think this site's activity or membership even warranted a TOTM/ROTM in the first place...

    A little premature I'd say...
  17. El Camino Man

    El Camino Man Thank The Lord For BBFs!

    Voted! I think itd be funner if more people participated but... theres not much we can do about that. At least the few who do enter get quite a few votes, so that says people pay attention to it
  18. WHY? this forum not good enough, If you feel it is not worthy why are you here? I gotta ask that
  19. pooleo

    pooleo New Member

    I see a problem. The one month there were like 8 or 9 trucks in the running. Then one month there where only 2. It needs consistancy.

    However, I think that the contest does not warrant any "reward" or holds a high value of meaning. With low participation, and 2 trucks a month, everyone will get to be ROTM. And what the heck is the point of that?

    Its like a soccer where every team at the end of the year gets a trophey.
  20. pooleo

    pooleo New Member

    Also, are people going to be biased in the polls? I mean, everyone wants to be ROTM at somepoint. And everyone will get it at the current rate.
  21. I think it should be banned until we have a million members here that come here on a regular basis. So change my vote to get rid of the rotm.
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