What is your Rangers maintenance schedule?

Discussion in 'Maintenance Shop' started by Hooligan, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    How often do you changle your oil, airfilter, and do basic maintenance on your truck? Are you fussy about it such as doing it at the proper time/mileage or just whenever?
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  3. pretty much do it on a schedule every 5k miles , may go over on a oil change by 500 miles if on a trip but otherwise regular service done at home. Unless I can't do it
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  4. 08 Ranger Sport 4X4

    08 Ranger Sport 4X4 New Member

    Oil Change every 3500-5000 miles. Depending on how hard it was driven during that amount of time. Actually I'm about 300 miles aways from changing it again. It's usually every 3 months or so. I'm normally the one to do it, sometimes my dad likes to take my truck and change the oil without telling me. But I usually don't like other people working on my truck.
  5. kozal01

    kozal01 New Member

    change oil every 7,000 and trans service at 25,000 and clean air filter when its dirty which is only every couple years or so. i also rotate my tires every 5,000 miles.
  6. OP

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    How come every 7k?
  7. kozal01

    kozal01 New Member

    because it doesnt need to be changed any sooner than that. the days of 3,000 mile oil changes is a thing of the past, todays oil breaks down much much slower than the oils from 20-30 years ago. when i was in the Army i used to bring oil samples in to my unit's maintinence section for oil analysis every so often, i found out that changing my oil at 3,000 like i used to was not only a waste of time but also a huge waste of money. i determined through oil analysis that 5,000-7,000 is ideal for the oil i use and type of driving i do.
  8. OP

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    Sweet, I do 5k. I figure that is pretty safe!
  9. kozal01

    kozal01 New Member

    yeah, its a good number to remember too. thats what i do in my F-150, at every 5K mark.
  10. OldCarFart

    OldCarFart New Member

    5K, easy to remember, AMSOIL gets filter change and 1 qt., then drained at 15K intervals, tranny & axle fluids (AMSOIL) at new to me and at 100K intervals. Dino poop lube gets drained every 5K.
  11. DiabloBlanco

    DiabloBlanco Those Damn Kids

    Whenever something breaks, lol
  12. flaresidexlt

    flaresidexlt officer meoff,jack

    every 4-5k ever 3k i use some spt stff
  13. Uhhh, about every other weekend at this rate? lol I'm actually about 2k overdue for an oil change....
  14. Btm757

    Btm757 New Member

    I try to do it every 3k but endup doing it around 5k. Longest I've ever gone between changes was 10k and believe it or not the oil wasent even that dirty. Haha I hate to go that long but sometimes my work schedule prohibits it sooner.
  15. Hurley

    Hurley Superultramegalurker

    I try for 3k but its rare when I'm on point, I always lose track. So it happens whenever. I really need to do my diff fluid soon. I can only imagine how nasty it is with all the water and mud I drive through.
  16. Captured Time

    Captured Time watch this and hold on

    oil 5000-7000, radiator flush and fill at the time of oil change, tires done at time of oil change, trans service every 2500, air filter every 3 months tune up ever 50000
  17. Yeah, I gotta do this too. The rear is getting changed because of a blown pinion seal, but I gotta get the front done.
  18. djfllmn

    djfllmn ^^^ I am Mr. Clean!

    oil change every 3k and tire rotation every other oil change
  19. Racing2Fast

    Racing2Fast New Member

    i think the only thing that i cannot answer here accurately is the changing of my ford air filter because it depends, for me if it is not that dirty so no need to change it. if you drive more on off road the more chances of getting it dirtier than normal. but that is just cheap and easy to replace. i always replace it with stock or oem ford air filter. :thumbsup:

    changing oil every 4k. and the most important thing to do is radiator flushing every 3 months (it depends on you and how often you use your truck)

    i also check for RUST build up on my truck which is very disturbing sometimes because it is really hard to deal with it.
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  20. dixie_boysles

    dixie_boysles New Member

    5k for oil and tires here, and check all others
  21. 5k for oil/filter changes, chk air filter, if not real dirty blow it off with compressed air, rotate tires with oil change, tranny fluid every 30k refill /chk all fluids with oil change
    look at brakes when rotate tires

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