TTB axle shaft

Discussion in '1993 - 1997 Ford Ranger' started by rangerider, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. rangerider

    rangerider shadetree

    I have a pretty good idea, but always like others to weigh in.
    97 Ranger with.
    Push button 4x4 with manual locking hubs.
    Lock them in, push the button..start to move fine then as torque increases right side starts banging away. seems as if it is coming from toward the diff. outer U-joint is good as is shaft and hubs are locking up correctly. Let me know what you think..
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  3. Bill

    Bill New Member

    Say again the location of the noise, front or back, right side or left? As I ask that, its probably the front because of selecting 4WD. Still try to determine right, left or the middle. Am thinking an axle gear to axle shaft or axle shaft to hub. Splines stripped and jumping.
  4. OP

    rangerider shadetree

    Sorry Bill

    It seems to be coming from the right front, toward the diff but not inside of it. I'm thinking the slip yoke closest to the differrential. The spindle to axle shaft u-joint is good. This truck was jumped over a concrete bearier.
    Dealer fixed the TTB as Insurance claim. Worked good till some mud (very minor mud), compared to what this and other Rangers can and have gotten though. I'm thinking when dealer "fixed" they did it as cheaply as possible and (un-knowingly ) or otherwise reused damaged shaft.

    Guess I'll be taking it apart sometime after the snow storm.
    I'll post PIX of rebuild process.

    Thanks for your reply
  5. Teamexploder

    Teamexploder Explorer Member

    Its been awhile since I had a D35 TTB, but I'm sitting here thinking, isn't there a u joint within the right side axle shaft? I'm pretty sure of this and if I'm remembering right this could be causing your problem.
  6. OP

    rangerider shadetree

    Ah ha

    Well weather was nice today, so I crawled under the danger ranger.
    where the outside axle joins at the slip yoke, I grabbed the axle and twisted as hard as I could and it broke loose inside the yoke. Now I have to find out if it is the splines on the axle or the inside of the yoke....I hope for axle!!!
  7. OP

    rangerider shadetree

    Removed the axle to hardly any groves left on the end of the shaft.

    I got a new (used) axle from the yard. Replaced the U-joint and installed the new axle. (twice) first time got it in and checked it out seemed fine. Test drive went well for a while then there was a bang and no more front wheel drive. Went home and took it apart again, found that the outer axle shaft somehow slipped out of the yoke. pushed it back in and a little farther this time. seem to engage the the yoke....turned all the shaft etc. put it back together engaged the front hubs...but the right (passenger) side would not hook up.

    So either the outer part of the yoke is worn out..or the shaft is to short.
    Yoke you think?
  8. OP

    rangerider shadetree

    The yoke is toast, I found a yard that sold me the entire right side of the axle/w diff..etc for 150. so I will be doing the hole deal..maybe a limited slip diff included.
    Will post pix.

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