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    i have a 3.0 v6 ranger with around 120k miles on it. its 2004. ive kept up with oil changes and what not. my booster feels like it wants to give out. power steering wants to join the booster. my question, how ever, is it normal for rangers to tick? sometimes it feels like it has a shiver at idle. i also get the throttle staying high when the clutch is pressed or even out of gear. it usually calms down if let it be, but sometimes i have to shut her off. that usually does it. so if it isnt normal for the engine to tick, what could it be? as the oils i use, i use anything, from valvoline to ams.

    on another note, when the engine is off, say at night. when you get back in the truck, the brake pedal is really hard. almost as if the booster has a leak. do rangers have this or if my booster bad.

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