strange tick 1994 ranger

Discussion in '1993 - 1997 Ford Ranger' started by maxkillz, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. maxkillz

    maxkillz New Member

    I have a 1994 Ford Ranger xlt 4x4 4.0 v6, there is an intermiting ticking noise on the right side of the engine. I was told it was a lifter by a few people but another guy said it was from the coil pack. it ticks noticeably when first started but after it warms up it either gets really quiet or completely goes away. if I drive it a few miles it will start to tick again and then fade away after a few seconds. the truck runs great and has plenty of power. this is just kind of concerning for me.

    Also sometimes it's really hard to put it in first gear, the truck moves a little if I try to put it in first even with the clutch to the floor. it only happens 1/50 or so times though and only at a complete stop if I put it in neutral. sometimes it grinds a bit if I put it in reverse 1 out of every 30 times or so.
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  3. Jon

    Jon Administrator

    Welcome maxkillz!
  4. bayley77

    bayley77 New Member

    the first thing to do is bleed the clutch, this is hard to do sometimes, air bubbles get trapped in the master. if that doesn"t help, maybe someone else can help you more, I am not a clutch or trans expert.
  5. rangerider

    rangerider shadetree

    I lean toward a lifter for your tick..I thinkiing either there is some chunk built up a keep oil from flowing properly. most likely because it doesn't do it all the time. Maybe try an oil treatment like lucas run it a while then flush.

    Gear shifting problem could be air as said before...Another thought does it do it more when it has been running awhile ie: good and warm? The fire wall could be flexing enough to keep the clutch from fully dis-engaging.

    How many miles do you have on the clutch?
  6. OP

    maxkillz New Member

    the clutch is brand new ~200miles or so on it, it doesn't matter if it's cold or hot. the clutch has been bled once. I am going to try bleeding it again when I get the chance and I'll see how that works out

    Edit: I noticed we are all in Michigan lol
  7. Ham-Bone

    Ham-Bone New Member

    might have a crack in your manifold i know my f-150 had a tick and when i changed over to headers the tick disappeared
  8. Bill

    Bill New Member

    Real late entry, with the engine off what does it shift like. Sound stupid? Try it and get back to us. The trans should shift into all gears with the engine off. Its how we bench check a trans after repair.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2009
  9. OP

    maxkillz New Member

    it shifts into all gears fine when the trucks off
  10. Bill

    Bill New Member

    Am thinking the hyd master or slave cylinder is starting to fail and not disengaging the clutch fully at every actuation.

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