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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by danger ranger, Dec 25, 2009.

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    I have a 91 2.3 4cyl ranger (4 speed standard tranny w/overdrive&reverse). 8 spark plugs 2 coil packs. alittle different. i recently had some promblems to find out i needed a new harmonic balancer and crank trigger sensor(crank shaft positioning sensor). got that and got it all on fine. then broke the 129 square tooth belt. went to parts store, they gave me the wrong belt. it was 139. i got it to TDC(top dead center) and put it in thinking of no potential problems. of course i had problems(i started it and it sounded HORRIBLE)... then finally got correct belt and installed at TDC, checked all computer components and all were fine. did leak down test on all 4 cylinders and tested fine. they blew by a little but its got a ton of miles. it had a little knock when i started to drive it but i thought nothing of it. i got o about 2 miles from my employer/machanic/friends house and it died without making any odd noises it just died. I'm not sure what to do any advice will be greatly appreciated!!!:(

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