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Discussion in '1993 - 1997 Ford Ranger' started by Luther, Mar 27, 2022.

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    Hello, I was gave a 1993 Ford Ranger XLT super cab 5 speed with the 4.0 l V6. I was gave the truck plus $1200 for a old dirt bike. Yes he vey well wanted the dirt bike more than me. The truck does not run and he claims it on needs head gaskets. I have more reason to not believe him than I do. My question here is I do not have a penny in the truck, it has over 94000 miles and he said the odometer never worked the time he had it. I do not know how to do engine work in this depth so I am asking would it be better to have the motor rebuilt or get a remanufactured motor for it. I have did some work to it and very few dents, the paint is buffing and polishing out, I put new radio in it, cleaned the inside, fixed the power windows and mirrors and fixed all the lights on the truck. I also do not know of anyone that does a good job and will not charge me a arm and a leg. I am in upstate SC and was also wondering if anyone knows someone good can they let me know. The truck is very clean good tires and all. Please any help and thank you ahead of time.

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