Radio Bezel in Silver.

Discussion in 'Interior' started by Scrambler82, May 13, 2012.

  1. Scrambler82

    Scrambler82 Old Guy User

    Since there appear to be a lot of Bezel MOds going on here is what I have going on.
    The Bezel was mod’d in a trade of parts and I am happy that I didn’t have to do any work on it other than clean it up and paint it.

    I am in the process of changing things up a little in the interior of my EDGE and was thinking Carbon Fiber, Expo Silver or the Ranger Silver Trim.
    Does anyone know the exact color of the Radio Bezels that come Silver ?
    I’ve seen them in Expo Spots and I think in FX4 Rangers.
    I have noticed some come a little darker than others, not sure what is going on there but if someone knows pls let me know.

    I was going to just get a silver color that I thought looked good but I don’t want to go too far from the OEM color.

    Here is a pic of what I have so far, it has been cut for DD:


    This won’t go in right away but it will be completed and painted.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2012
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  3. drppdyllwrngr

    drppdyllwrngr Member

    i have looked at autobody suppliers for the factory silver color that came on them. there seems to be no trace of the paint code. i have tried SEM color chips, factory color chip books, etc. if you find it, let me know!
  4. buggman

    buggman Do not touch the trim!

    That looks familiar.... :whistling:

    I've seen at least 2 different silver/gray bezel colors. I was going to paint one with a "bright aluminum" paint like I've used on some custom ovals to see how it looks...


    I think that color would be pretty close to the lighter colored oem bezels I've seen.

    Also thought about using some of that hammered finish paint in a silver/light gray color to give a little different textured look too.
  5. OP

    Scrambler82 Old Guy User

    That’s Hammered like drunk out of your skull ? lol

    Sorry, I know what Hammered Paint looks like but never thought of using it.
    I was thinking wrinkle paint too, that’s like the prune, but can’t come up with a silver color and not sure if the black will look ok.

    Going to need a little testing done here.

    Let me know if you get good results.
  6. OP

    Scrambler82 Old Guy User

    Here is the Bezel today, still not in but I am taking the dash apart today and get the radio.iPod Adapter out.


    After thinking on it the color is still too bright.
    I need a way to either tone it down or need a darker silver, maybe something to overspray it ?
  7. ob269

    ob269 New Member

    So, what are you doing with your 4x4, 12v, and cig lighter plugs?(and fog light if you have it)

    I like the silver though!
  8. Demon

    Demon I take no prisoners!

    that kinda looks like my stock fx4 one did. the grey was just a touch darker so u did a good just picking the right paint
  9. OP

    Scrambler82 Old Guy User

    4x sw will not be needed, manual case going in with frame mods.
    Cig Lighter don’t need nor the Power Plug, two power ports will be added. Still up in the air on it, maybe the back of the console, maybe lower part of the dash, not sure.
    Fog Light Sw goes away, I added 4switches to my OHC in place of the readout, one will be for fogs, one a Winch override, one for Aux frt Lights and one for the Aux rear lights.

    Thi is the OHC in build process, the four smaller holes are switches, I have added small LEDs as indicators.
    The two larder switches are the Map lights:



    The color was suppose to be a close match to the FX4 but I think it needs to be toned down a little, just too bright in the dark grey cab. Not sure how to do reduce the brightness, maybe some semi gloss clear or maybe some sort of tint over the silver.

    The paint is a new line of DuPont Paints for Interiors, it was called Dark Metallic Silver, not as dark as I hoped it would be when it dried, next try coming up.

    Didn’t get to the radio removed yesterday going there right after I log out of here.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2012
  10. Shawn

    Shawn Cranky old man

    Try Krylon matte clear. Also Satin clear. I prefer the matte, the satin still seems to shine too much for me. I suggest you try them on a sample item first.

    Ford used to call silver, Argent. Then they go into dark, med, light etc...
  11. OP

    Scrambler82 Old Guy User


    Thanks, I will look that up and see what pops.
  12. Shawn

    Shawn Cranky old man

    I'll try to find a photo to show you, but I doubt a photo will be enough for you to make a decision.
  13. OP

    Scrambler82 Old Guy User


    Need to do some checking on the Matte Clear, might work but I have seen problem with Krylon and some paints.

    The Argent paint looks interesting, close in color but there is only reference about wheel painting everywhere I look, no FX4.
    I have contacted two paint companies mentioned in the search for Argent Paint.

  14. Shawn

    Shawn Cranky old man

    Ford used argent on grills a lot.

    I also have Rust Oleum matte clear. It seems to be that last can that I bought at Home Desperate. I have the tan interior and use Rust Oleum camo khaki flat to paint my interior. It's the closest match but ultra flat. I have used different flavors of clear (satin, matte, etc)depending on what part I am painting. Also, here is a tip, Rust Oleum multicolor texture. It is a fine texture that hides imperfections but gives a slight texture to interior panels that you don't want smooth. Such as steering column plastics. Once it drys repaint with topcoat color of your choice.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2012
  15. OP

    Scrambler82 Old Guy User

    I have been trying to get a Matte Clear in Acrylic Lacquer to spray the Radio Bezel with NO luck.
    Didn’t want to attempt the Acrylic Enamel just to be on the safe side.
    I finally gave up on the Lacquer quest and tested some of the Acrylic Lacquer Silver Paint and a clear enamel and got good results.
    I kind of knew that enamel could go over lacquer but I didn’t want to screw up what was already done.

    I sprayed some of the Dupli-Color Ford Interior Silver-Gray on another Bezel I have and then after a day of drying I sprayed on the Acrylic Enamel Clear… good to go.
    Now all I need is some Matte finish clear.

    Hopefully this will get installed after I get back from SoCal.
  16. OP

    Scrambler82 Old Guy User

    Went to an Auto Body Supply Store yesterday.
    NO matte finish clear in a rattle can.
    I did find a little darker Titanium SEMS Paint color that looks good and was used as an interior color on A vehicle but they couldn’t tell me what.

    Funny how things work out, I took the bezel with me so I can answer any questions when I get in the store.
    When I took it outside I found the old Power port opening has a slight ring around it; took too much bondo off.


    I know the idea of no ports is what I want so I will be looking for a 2WD Radio Bezel with no ports at all.
    Don’t know if Ford has one without the Cig Lighter but I am looking for at least no power ports and no fog light ports.

    In the mean time I will be doing some finish work on this one to see if I can raise the bondo level so the port disappears.

    Anyone going to the JY and see a Ranger Radio Bezel that will fit a 2003 and with only the cig lighter please let me know how much ?
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2012
  17. OP

    Scrambler82 Old Guy User

    Contacted Dupli-Color and they said the Krylon Matte will work ok on the paint I used, you were right.

    I need to do a little more work on the power port area and then repaint but will use the paint suggest to clear coat.

  18. Dcrymes99ranger

    Dcrymes99ranger Riding low and broke!!!

    Subscribed to this thread. Gonna keep my eye out on this and see how it turns out.
  19. Shawn

    Shawn Cranky old man

    If I remember correctly 95-97 2wd Rangers had only 1 lighter in the bezel. No fog light switch either. Those bezels are harder to find because everyone wants them to mod. I have never seen a stock bezel without at least 1 lighter. They come up on fleabay, but they go up in price compared to other bezels.
  20. OP

    Scrambler82 Old Guy User

    Just got home from SoCal and will get to repairing my body work on the bezel tomorrow.

    But still have the 2WD Bezel with only cig lighter in the back of my head.

    I have a new version of Red Putty, the stuff you use on top of the bondo to fill in little holes and cracks or scratches, I need to sand one side and use some of this stuff on the bondo. Then re-primer, re-paint and then Matte Finish Clear.

    I also got a med platinum paint from SEMS, will be doing some testing of finish color with that too.

    Why did I ever get this FX4 LvL II color idea in my head ?
  21. OP

    Scrambler82 Old Guy User

    As I said I could see a faint outline of the power port hole.
    I have sanded again, added some patch, sanded w/320, painted with finish coat but now I need to sand w/400 the whole thing and put on a final coat or coats as needed.

    Then we are back in business and I can get a radio in that has iPod access.

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