Problem with my 98 Ranger

Discussion in '4.0 Engine' started by 98Green, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. 98Green

    98Green New Member

    Hello everyone im new to this forum, i was in google looking for some information for my Ranger and I saw this forum and joined in to see if anyone could help me out with my issue. thanks in advance

    I have a 1998 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4 its a 4.0 and I've been having an issue for a long time I've taken it to mechanics and even to the Ford Dealer Shop and they cant find the issue well long story short my Ranger keeps missfiring ive change plugs and wires, sensors even a injector and no positive signs. Last week I was told by an uncle that it could probably be the EGR valve, im not good in mechanic stuff so im not sure if it is. Im wondering if anyone else has the same issue or had it in the past.

    p.s. im hoping im in the right sections if not, if someone could move it pls. thanks
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  3. Black mamba

    Black mamba The mannnn

    Mine kept blowing #4 cyl. Literally I put z max in and it stopped ... It may be a bad o ring on an injector or it could go as far as a bad ring ... My advise if you have changed the coil and plugs and wires try z maxx
  4. OP

    98Green New Member

    Thanks for the advice is there any special type I should ask for in Oreillys?

    btw what I for got to metion was that it also has a fuel odor like if the gas wasnt buring right. but thanks ill try that z max and see what it does
  5. Black mamba

    Black mamba The mannnn

    I bet you have a emissions system leak then.. Check your connections to your carbon canister as well as your egr .. Egr might be bad as well
  6. OP

    98Green New Member

    I might sound stupid but what's the carbon canister?
  7. pooleo

    pooleo New Member

    egr wont cause a misfire. And do you mean like a code was pulled that detected a misfire, or is the truck mis-firing and running poorly....?

    Might be the crankshaft postion sensor. It tells the computer when to fire. If its firing early or late, it will cause bad missing/

    Is there any popping thru the intake?
  8. OP

    98Green New Member

    Yea it's misfiring and running poorly, and about the codes my check engine doesn't turn on

    I bought that sensor too and it stop for a few days
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2012
  9. maranger

    maranger New Member

    try checking your cam and crank sensors for rust and also disconnect ur neg battery terminal and wait 20 min then put it back and go for a 2 hr drive, go on the highway n city streets, if tht dosent work then u may try replacing the coil pack
  10. OP

    98Green New Member

    Thanks for the info I'll see what happens later
  11. OP

    98Green New Member

    Yesterday I bought the zMax 2 of them one for the engine and the other for the fuel I hope it makes a difference..

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