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Discussion in '1993 - 1997 Ford Ranger' started by bayley77, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. bayley77

    bayley77 New Member

    I have a 97 2.3 5 speed, the previous owner took the converter off and welded a pipe in its place, will this cause any change in gas mileage?, I am getting 22 in the city, it has been very cold in mich. so I hope it will improve in the summer. also the exshaust is a little louder. should I put a cat back on it?
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  3. rangerider

    rangerider shadetree

    Your getting 22 in the city, You think it could be better?
    Unless there was an O2 sensor beyond the cat (you would have a check engine light)..other then pollution there won't be much is a little less restricted and there fore louder.

    Is this the only thing that was removed?
  4. OP

    bayley77 New Member


    yes thats all, is that mileage normal? seems to run ok, the check engine bulb has been removed.
  5. Ham-Bone

    Ham-Bone New Member

    a catylic will give you worse gas milage not better. is your check engine light on? if the previous owner either did not reinstall the o2 sensor or damaged it on the way out or back in it would give you worse gas milage. 22 mpg seems normal from where i am from.
  6. WesternPaRanger

    WesternPaRanger New Member

    sounds about right, I also have a '97 5 speed with the horsepower monger 2.3 and that's about what I get, although "city" around here has a slightly different meaning....My check engine light and airbag light have been on since I've owned it and Jimmy cracked corn (I don't care)..:D
  7. OP

    bayley77 New Member


    put a new converter back on it, was to loud a stunk in the garage to bad when worming up, sure is a lot quieter and no more stink.
  8. mrcarcrazy

    mrcarcrazy New Member

    And here I am maxing out @ 19mpg mixed city/highway....(more highway sadly). driving it like a grandma.

    I've got to figure this out.

    I went on a road trip in my Lotus and got 28mpg...with several 120mph runs...lots of full throttle to ~80 and this little truck can't get 20mpg limping along the highway @ 65?

    I'm hoping to do normal tuneup stuff to it in the next cpl weeks.

    so yeah be thrilled with your 22mpg.
  9. OP

    bayley77 New Member

    tune it up, plugs and wires help alot, now that the weather is warmer I"m getting about 24 in the city. but I live in an area thats not congested and I dont drive in rush hour traffic. if you have a 2.3 5spd you should get 28-30 highway.
  10. mrcarcrazy

    mrcarcrazy New Member

    That's definitely on my to do list.

    plan thus far is
    Plugs, wires, catch can, fuel filter, new battery cables...and see where that gets me.

    then a bit later I'll do an electric fan, CD player, speakers.

    I have a late model Seat on its way from PA. So after friday my butt will be more comfortable.

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