New version Ford Ranger

Discussion in '2019 + Ford Ranger' started by Fordman1941, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Fordman1941

    Fordman1941 New Member

    Ford Ranger in France.png Here is a dealer advertisement of the new Ford Ranger currently being sold in France and other European countries. Saw it in France, Greece, and Spain while on vacation October 2016. Here is the latest model on display. To me it strongly resembles the Ford Explorer View attachment 128 Sport Trac of Year 2007.
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  3. mhoward

    mhoward Member

    I think it resembles ugly. Just nothing pretty about that thing.
  4. Dchad53

    Dchad53 Member

    Yea. It's starting to look generic. Rangers used to be easy to spot coming down the road. Now you'll
    have to read the badge to see what it is.
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  5. Oldbob

    Oldbob New Member

    my 3,2 diesel in australia looks like your your just released model
    Its a wildtrack ,same as you laret sport
    But wevget the 6 speed auto with a 5cyl 3,2 diesel
    At the moment ,
    They are saying ranger raptor in 2019 with a 2 lt diesel IT WONT SELL
    OVER HERE Very well with a tiney engine like that88
    The 3,2 is popular as tow vehicle for caravans up to 3,5 ton
    Very few F150 or 250 over here wont fit in our parking spaces or garages about 2 feet two long ,the ranger is about as long as we can go
    How do you post a pic from the gallery on here
  6. OP

    Fordman1941 New Member

    Ford should learn from the Mustang and Ranger to never fix what’s not broken.
  7. mhoward

    mhoward Member

    Yeah. Now they've botched the Mustang up to where I wouldn't piss on one if it was on fire.
  8. pops

    pops New Member

    The bumpers turn me off. My '99 has chrome steel bumpers. I want steel, chrome doesn't matter. These look plastic. So l'll look elsewhere for another truck.
  9. Justin Wideman

    Justin Wideman New Member

    I have a '21 and am glad they never drilled those plastic bed tie-downs for the USA model. Sport Trac was a mess in a lot of ways and on an SUV body like you will find with the new Maverick is, based on the Ford Edge/Puma platform, same as the Ford Bronco Sport. Cars/trucks are all looking generic and most don't come with metal bumpers even if you get the "chrome" package. Mine does have gunmetal metal bumpers (XLT FX package) but a plastic skid plate that does look cheap, but easy to change when scratched.

    The old little Rangers are just tiny and uncomfortable by today's standards and most people need one vehicle that can do everything and the 19- Ranger seems to do that well. I have had many former old Ranger owners ride in mine and be really impressed that they weren't in a tiny coffin-sized truck.[​IMG]

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