Missing Return Fuel Line?

Discussion in '4.0 Engine' started by fof4, Oct 7, 2019.


What are my options?

  1. 1) Plug the fuel return-line, and try to run without it.

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  2. 2) Pull the Fuel rail from the ford ranger, and swap it with the Explorer.

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  3. 3) No option is going to work. Fuel pump pressures are different, and other stuff different.

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  1. fof4

    fof4 New Member

    My son has a 1999 Ford Ranger with a 4 liter V6 cylinder. The engine has gone bad, and are trying to replace the engine from a 1995 Ford Explorer, also with a 4 liter V6 cylinder. We have both engines pulled out, but I am confused by the fact that the Ford Ranger does NOT have a return-fuel-line. I thought all fuel-injection engines had a return-fuel-line. Can someone please educate me on this matter. The two engines look almost identical, but I'm not sure what I should do about this fuel-line issue since the engine being used expects a return-fuel-line, but the ranger does not have it. What are my options?
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  3. PeteB

    PeteB Member

    They switched to a "returnless" system, I think in 96. You can tell if the engine in the 95 has an aluminum upper intake it will probably have a return line. If the 99 has a plastic upper intake it would not. I'm not sure but, you might be able to swap upper intakes and fuel rails from the returnless intake system to the older engine so it will match the truck it's going into. All of this is speculation as I don't really remember when they went to the overhead cam engine which would change everything.


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