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    I've been on the site since November, but haven't ever posted.
    I recently bought a 2002 Ranger XLT, with a 2.3l duratec, RWD. Step-sides, cardinal red with white go-fast stripes. I've wanted a single cab step side ranger since I was a kid, and I'm loving this one now.
    I live and work in Wisconsin as a second-level technician at a large chain tire store, and fix computers in the National Guard.
    I've already replaced the dash bulbs and vacuum lines to the IMRC, and have plenty more plans to get the truck the way I want it.
    I plan to completely redo the suspension (maintaining stock height), calipers/pads/rotors, and redo the paint and interior details (metallic grey, with black details and interior). I also want to give it a bit of a face lift, installing new halogen headlights with halos, and LED tail/cab/license plate lights. Last, I want to get new rims, and see if LT245/75R16 tires will fit in well at stock height.
    If any of you have any solid recommendations for mods or specific parts I should look into, let me know!

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