Hey From Canada

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Ham-Bone, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Ham-Bone

    Ham-Bone New Member

    hey im derek im 17 grade 12 and like to tinker with trucks.. my first rig was a 1993 ranger XLT 4X4 (92 style .. it was a mid year) i spend a hole summer fixing the truck for school in september put new rockers in it, new cab mounts and rad mounts changed the plugs new wires patched the floor put new fuel pump in it and new tires. NOW i got the truck running 5 days before school started so i was happy as a pig in **** lol i was out curisin around everyday just showing it off the 4th day i had it (day before School) i went to a friends and was talking to him and his dad and his dad gave me a 4x4 actuator that i need to engage my 4x4 so that was just amazing i had to try it out so me and my buddy went about 15mins down the road to a dirt road pulled in and then pulled into a pit gave the truck a shot cut the wheels to do a power slide and she caught and over she went. i was pissed. no one got hurt tho but the truck was wrecked cab wisted and box pan caked but the frame stayed straight as an arrow. so i decided to get and f-150 so i bought that traded for a 4x4 f-150 that is now sitting in my yard being made to a toy and now looking at a 1992 2wd ranger just as a beater for 400 buck but it needs a patch on the frame whick i can do myself.
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  3. balage

    balage the Hungarian

    Hello Derek!
  4. OP

    Ham-Bone New Member

    hey dude whats up
  5. Jon

    Jon Administrator

    Welcome Derek! Glad nobody was hurt. Good luck on the rebuild project.
  6. Lenn

    Lenn Semper Paratus !!

    Welcome, Derek.

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