Here's my issues...can anyone help me figure it out?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Maleago1s, May 28, 2021.

  1. Maleago1s

    Maleago1s New Member

    Hello ranger forum. I'm brand new to this type of thing and after cruising around the forum a bit I'm not sure if anyone is even going to respond...but I will try anything once and twice if I like it so here goes...I have a 94 ranger that I just love! But it has some issues. First idles at close to 2000 rpm constantly. Goes thru gas like a 70s land yacht! I cleaned the iac out and it still just screams along. I'm not a mechanic or anything close to it just a girl thats mostly broke and loves to tinker under the what should I do? Next...the brake lights quit working...I posted another thread about this but figured I would throw it out there again and hope for a response. So the brake lights quit working...tail lights and blinkers are fine just no brake lights. I checked all the fuses and they are fine but after I did that the dash lights quit now? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. RangerAl

    RangerAl Member

    Welcome to the forum... Sure glad you like your truck. What size engine do you have? Cleaning the IAC is a very good start, but I would also clean the MAF sensor as well. Make sure you use only MAF sensor cleaner. I would also check for any vacuum leak, by spraying carb cleaner around the airlines to see if the idle change. If all of the above does not fix, buy a new IAC sensor.

    As for the brake light, there is a brake light switch on the brake pedal. If it is original, it will need to be replace. I've tried OEM motorcraft, but only lasted a few years. Autozone have them for around $7 and still using it.

    Good luck with your repair and welcome to the forum.

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