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Discussion in '1998 - 2011 Ford Ranger' started by Jeff0266, Jun 8, 2020.

  1. Jeff0266

    Jeff0266 New Member

    Hey all,I was reading a forum here somewhere and went to sign up for site and can't find it now. Anyway I have a 02 Ranger XLT 4x4, I have had it a couple of years and a couple of months ago the check gas cap light came on and the engine light came on too. The truck ran fine but I changed the cap just to be safe,I reset the puter and everything looked fine for a few miles.cgc light came back on first then the cel wasn't far behind. The truck ran perfect so it didn't really concern me till it started getting warmer and I can look at it closer. I am hoping it is a little pin hole in the filler line before it connects to the gas tank. It's just rubber with a clamp to hold it together. My question is would a small leak make the cel come on and stay on? I'm thinking yes,because its probably measuring the vacuum and all the air pressure pulling or pushing everywhere. I leak a little gas when I fill to the top,that's why I am thinking there's a small hole in there somewhere. I'm gonna check it out in the morning and let you know. If anyone else is having this problem,I would recommend looking for a hole around the filler neck. If I don't find a hole I have no idea where to start looking. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
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  3. OP

    Jeff0266 New Member

    Well I just had a look and didn't find any obvious hole but I did notice the there is like an overflow tube on the side of the filler neck. While I was checking to make sure things are tight I noticed the smaller tube pulled straight out. Is it supposed to do that? I noticed the neck part has kinda rough rust all over it. Any suggestions ? I still think that is what's making my check engine light stay on. Can someone point me in the right direction please?

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