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    Okay, here goes. (Yes, I am a newbie but it is not my first time on a forum.)

    The most simple question is this. Are OEM truck jacks different based on the package / style?

    The better question is this. Ford assembled different Ranger packages, styles, trims and drive trains. Would an OEM jack for a base model XL or XLT be different from that of an Edge or Tremor package?

    Reason for query: I own a '04 XLT 3.0 2wd (or as some would argue a 1wd) supercab automatic. (Sorry for the information overkill.) I have changed my wheels, removing the stock 15" steel rims with the OEM sized tires and adding a 16" alloys also from a Ranger but a different package. Currently I am running a 265-70 R 16 AT. Yes, I will eventually replace the rubber with a less aggressive type when these wear out but I have no plans to return to the cookie-cutter 15" steel rims.

    The pros and cons of this wheel change is:
    1. A 5-6 mpg economy loss coupled with a loss of power which I assume, but cannot guarantee is a result of the change. (Topic of another thread)
    2. A much better appearance as the alloys fill up the wheel wells and provide a lift.
    3. The lift makes it easier to perform fuel filter changes and oil and filter changes.
    4. Here is the impetus for my query. Neither the OEM truck jack nor the Craftsman truck floor garage jack seem to be able to get the rubber off the ground without questionable jack modifications.

    It would be nice to ditch the 2x12x18" board and two retaining wall blocks I've been hauling around just in case.

    If anyone has wisdom or recommendations, let him (or her) speak now or forever hold their piece.

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