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    I recently discovered a leak on the driver side top door seal area. It appeared to be where the seal from the rear door meets the inner door seal on the frame/rear of driver door.

    I replaced both the inner door seal which is on the body of the truck and is the entire opening for both front and rear door as well as the door seal on the rear door. I bought OEM seals from Ford as well.

    Well to my surprise it’s leaking front the exact same spot. I verified it by placing a hose on the roof and getting in and watching where the water came from. The seals are all seated properly and look identical to what the passenger side is. Underneath of them there is no corrosion in the body. The doors also close and latch properly. The gap between the door and body is the same as the passenger side and the doors are not bent/out of alignment.

    Has anyone had a problem like this or anything else I should be trying with the seals? 34274C06-CD3C-4E93-9AFC-856BF8A940F8.jpeg 34274C06-CD3C-4E93-9AFC-856BF8A940F8.jpeg

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