Door broken on the 2002 Ranger I just purchased!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Isabella Eist, Dec 10, 2020.

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    Hey everyone, would really appreciate some advice as we're new to ranger ownership.
    We purchased a 2002 Ford Ranger 5 days ago from a used dealership and are already having big issues.
    At the time of purchase, the front doors (the suicide doors are fine) did not align exactly, and the driver side door when closed would sit slightly on top of the back door, rather than sitting flat next to it. The dealer insisted their mechanics could fix it for free easily. Came back today and the mechanic made it WAY WORSE. The driver door still overlaps and the bolts on the passenger door striker(?) are close to stripped and the door now won't close at all with normal force (leaving a 1/4 inch gap you can see into the vehicle through when it's lightly 'closed'), while if you slam it hard it closes but can't be opened from the outside. I assume we'll just have to take it to a good mechanic but wondered if anyone had any experience fixing this kind of thing at home? Does it need whole new doors?
    The handle for the seat recline also sheared off after we got it back from the mechanic, this is probably just coincidental as its an old truck. Does anyone know how to adjust the recline with a sheared off plastic handle?
    Thanks a lot!

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