crank position sensor????

Discussion in '2.3 Engine' started by rangerlady, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. rangerlady

    rangerlady New Member

    i have a 96 2.3l 4 cyl. i just replaced the timing belt and now the truck wont start. I had everthing lined up the way it was suppose to be. could the sensor be the problem? Is there an easier way to change it besides pulling the water pump and alternator and all that good stuff?
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  3. bobkyle2

    bobkyle2 !! BAMF !!

    why did you change the belt... did it run before..?
  4. OP

    rangerlady New Member

    i had to change the belt because it broke while i was driving it. How ever I did get everything back together, finally after i lined up the right marks, after scrubbing the crap out of the pulley to see the right marks, it fired right up. Now after a week of driving it and it running fine, the stupid thing will start up but then choke out after a few seconds. :cry:.
  5. bobkyle2

    bobkyle2 !! BAMF !!

    fuel filter?? maybe ... we got some new guys here they might be more help than me?
  6. Stephen.G.Fiddes

    Stephen.G.Fiddes T-Bar Guru

    Could be a number of things.

    Fuel Filter
    Cats plugged
    O2 Sensors,
    MAF sensor
    Sparks (altho if you're smart enough to replace a timing chain, you're smart enough to check your sparks every so often)
    Vacuum hose leak

    Now, are you sure that the engine is choking itself out, instead of something else?

    Has your CEL turned on?
  7. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    Thread moved to the new 2.3 engine tech section

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