Anti-theft Light

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Matthew Mischke, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. Matthew Mischke

    Matthew Mischke New Member

    I was working on some wiring issues and a loose wire made a spark after that my anti-theft light started to blink, now my truck won't crank at all any ideas in what it could be¿
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  3. Larry F.

    Larry F. New Member

    I have a '97 Ranger that was sitting for awhile (I think at least a year) and the previous owner replaced the starter but it wouldn't start so I replaced the solenoid but still no start. But when I used a jumper between the positive battery terminal and the small terminal on the solenoid it cranked, started and ran great with the key in the "on" position but when I shut it off it would not turn over or start with the key. Someone said that this is a common problem with the Rangers and that it has something to do with the factory anti-theft system. Our local ACE hardware can replace keys with chips but they put the (factory original) key up to their wall mounted tester and said there is no chip in the key. I searched all over like I'm sure you did but info seems strangely unavailable. I went to a couple of Ranger Forum sites but the only ones I found you have to chat with their mechanics but they were down! A cupla guys said their only option was to have it towed to the Ford dealer for a new key and a reprogramming of the anti-theft system?! If I was a conspiracy theorist (and I am) I would have to wonder if this is all a scam to suck large quantities of dollars out of our wallets! Is there any way to bypass the AT system? There must be hundreds of folks out there with this problem. Somebody please help! Update 10/23/18 Found there was no chip in the original key(s) so went back online and found some good help on "fixya" for ways to reset the AT system for Rangers and other vehicles. Ended up being a neutral safety switch on the clutch pedal thanks to some good input from folks on the fixya site. Maybe this is a brand new forum and you guys aren't quite up to speed yet. Thanks Matt, reading your post helped me to get pointed in the right direction and confirmed that this IS a problem on Ford Ranger pickups. -thanks. LF
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