4r44e Question

Discussion in 'Drivetrain Tech' started by toadboy, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. toadboy

    toadboy New Member

    Hey all, first time posting here. I haven't seen my specific issue, so I thought I'd spark a new conversation. I have a 99 3.0 flex 4x4 with a 4r44e trans. I have had the truck for a few weeks, and bought it without knowing much history. I trailered it home as it was in "limp" mode when I went to look at it. Long story short, after installing an updated valve body, I have no first gear. Reverse works flawlessly. Smooth. I have to start in D2, but once rolling, I can select OD and the trans upshifts and downshifts great. But if I stop I have to drop down into D2 and repeat. Just no D1. Can't even put selector in D1? Everthing I can find says D1 and reverse use the same band? I have never worked on automatics, and the valve body job pushed my abilities! Any suggestions are appreciated! Don't be shy, any suggestions are better than what I have. Gosh, it shifts so good once rolling.....
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  3. Maxken

    Maxken New Member

    Hi All, Im hopeing someone whom has a lot more knowledge than I can answere a question that has been nagging me. I am a big music fan and I love to use an old program called MusicMatch jukebox to play my tunes. I know that MusicMatch was bought out by Yahoo and then Yahoo music went by the wayside. Im not interested in going on line with MusicMatch. I just want to play the tunes that I have and manage my library using MusicMatch. I think it was and still is a fantastic program.

    I have two computers running. One with Vista and one with Windows XP. MusicMatch works great with XP but has compatibility issues with Vista. My thought is that if MusicMatch and Windows Vista dont get along I assume that Windows 7 and MusicMatch will also be incompatible. My question is has anyone tried MusicMatch on Windows 7 ?

    I have not yet tried Windows 7.

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