2003 Ranger 2.3 - 4l Barra swap

Discussion in '1998 - 2011 Ford Ranger' started by Ghalieger, Oct 8, 2022.

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    General question here, has anybody done a Barra swap on their Ranger? I'm looking at doing it, but the biggest hurdle thus far is locating a decent engine. I found a guy in Florida, but I think due to the hurricane he's going to be unresponsive for a while. I'm really looking for something that I can get to me in Wisconsin for $3000 or less, including shipping.
    Beyond that, I know motor mounts are going to need to be moved and fabricated, wiring and computer will be hurdles, and I know the trans that's in my Ranger will not hold up to the 4l, let alone bolt up to it. I'm looking at a Tremec TKX and will probably get a bell housing from Quick Time.
    No, I don't expect to get EVERYTHING for $3000 or less, just the engine. Also, I'm not looking for a turbo engine. I can add turbos later if I want to.
    So, any experience, guidance, knowledge would be appreciated.


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