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    I am new here and glad you all are here. thank you.
    my 2000 ranger got hijacked (had it since new) ,,luckily and thankfully returned unharmed except the ignition cylinder and 1 door cylinder. mechanic put in a different ignition key I want to take out the ignition key and have it recoded to match the door.

    Then I need to get a new door cylinder. I(and recode it myself) I can go to the pick and pull

    I saw the How To replace ignition cylinder here and that was very helpful.

    what year Ranger parts will fit on the 2000?
    i also want to replace the bumper early next year.

    do we need to disconnect the battery to take out the old ignition cylinder?

    for Ignition Key cylinder
    one video I saw said to position the key in the "Run" position, while the How to instructs say position in the "lock" position for removal of the cylinder

    which one is correct for the 2000 Ranger?

    thank you

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