Seats that will fit your Ranger

Discussion in 'Interior' started by blkranger231, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. blkranger231

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    All the info provided is NOT my work it is the work of Allan D and is being used with the persmission of Allan D a Tech Advisor on TRS.
    he did say that it is sorta out of date and does not include newer models. Please feel free to add to this since I know there is more info that is needed. I am hoping that this will answer the questions that we are always getting about seats that fit. Pictures of the seat that you have swapped would also be nice to add to this. If you have something to add let me know so that I can update this and give you credit. Thank you.

    Here is what seats will bolt in to a Ranger:
    Explorer96-01 ( and newer I beleive)

    Expo sport seats fit 03-05 ( info provided by 4evermodding)

    All years. Tempo GT's are the nicest. Tilting "pillow" headrest and frequently power lumbar.

    1981-1991? GT's again are the nicest, "Halo" style headrest, sometimes power lumbar.

    (The 'Halo' Buckets in the TRS-2 Ranger are from an Escort GT)

    Don't bother looking they will be gone when you get there. If you're lucky, look for Mustang GT's. Also halo style headrests on GTs.

    1982-1988, Turbocoupe has nicest seats same as Mustang GT but with tilting "pillow" head rests, almost always power-lumbar, adjustable thigh support, adjustable side bolsters on base. The best factory ford seat (IMHO).

    1986 Merkur XR4TI
    The front seats from an 86 Merkur XR4TI will fit in a B2, so I assume rangers too, If you drill out the rivets, and swap the brackets from the tracks, 1/2 hour per, the seats I used gave me height adjust, adjustable headrest, lumbar support, much better lateral support, (no more bouncing out of the seatbelt) and they're heated. (Submitted by Merc)

    All of these will bolt directly to your factory tracks if you have either Buckets or split-bench.

    If you have a conventional bench then you will need to replace your tracks with split-bench/bucket-seat tracks. (Toss your solid bench tracks they are completely different).

    You will have to run a Tap through some pre drilled holes in the bottom of the seat frames. The holes are already there but unthreaded.

    If you have a conventional cab Ranger you will probably have to use the "halo" style headrest used in Mustangs and Escort GT models, as the pillow style will hit the rear window. This forces the seat back into a very upright position. (and is EXTREMELY uncomfortable)

    If you have a Supercab Ranger or a Bronco2 headrest clearance isn't an issue.

    One other word of warning Ranger Standard-cab, Ranger Supercab and Bronco II's all have different floor pan profiles and so use different seat tracks, so if you want to put buckets or a split-bench into a std cab Ranger you must get your seat tracks out of a std cab Ranger.

    Also-1991-93 Explorer Sport or Mazda Navajo seats.- they are identical in most ways to the Mustang GT/thunderbord turbocoupe seats but they have a thinner seatback which doesn't force you to sit hunched over the steering column in a standard cab. Provided by Allan D
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  3. Scrambler82

    Scrambler82 Old Guy User

    A little info.

    My ’03 std cab, 60/40 Seats had tracks that unbolted, I got a set of what I believe to be FX4 Buckets for an ext cab Ranger, and they unbolted.
    My tracks bolted on and were an easy swap.

    The thing that is interesting is that the 40 part of a 60/40 seat is a std bucket seat that is used not only on the passenger side of the Ranger but also on the driver’s side.
    There is a seat pan underneath that the tracks bolt to and both sides of the pan have the same holes, so either a Passenger or Driver side track can be bolted in.

    Where does this leave us, IF you have good 60/40 seats and want buckets, you might luck out and go to a JY and pickup another 60/40 passenger seat.
    If you can find one that is similar to your existing seats and in good condition, use it to make up a set of buckets.
    You will not have the supports in the driver’s seat but I believe they can be added.

    Also, the back needs to come off first when replacing the tracks.


    Added: Questions asked:
    Some have asked, "will the recliner lever work and be positioned properly".
    Will I be able to use the side levers once they are mounted toward the center of the vehicle.

    Answer: There are holes on both sides of the pans and all of the stock lever come out where are would normally. All levers are positioned in OEM positions.

    I hope this answers any questions and I hope some of you find a good passenger seat and make a great set of bucket seats.
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  4. Lizella Fella

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  5. Stan Reeves

    Stan Reeves New Member

    I have a 2005 STX with buckets and a center console, I went to a wrecking looking to buy a new center console but they only had 2005's XLT's with the 60 / 40 seats. I would rather have the 60 / 40 seats because the buckets are very uncomfortable. Will they fit my STX ? That way I could eliminate my current console and use the one on the 60 / 40 seats.
  6. Sean McG

    Sean McG New Member

    Scrambler, This post had me stoked. I jumped from the recliner and rushed to my ranger to take a gander at the 40 portion of the 60-40 seats. One thing that took the air out of my euphoria was that the inside of the passenger seat has a different fabric than the outer side which shows. Such trivial things would only matter to an OCD person such as myself. However, when the passenger is moved to the driver side, the carpet like fabric is to the outside and the finish cloth is to the inside. (At least on my Ranger) But the idea is grand and among the best ideas I've come across in a while.
    My goal is to ditch the 60-40 for true 40-40 and get a center console that allows more storage and ergonomics. Seriously, I don't ever have more than one passenger so the 60 portion is a bit useless. Also, a 40-40 would allow me reach access to the extra cab portion.
    IMHO. Ranger designers failed to consider functionality in their interior design. For instance, the 60-40 console and the useless rumble seats in the back that only a teacup poodle could consider ample.

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