Original Radio in a 90 Ranger

Discussion in '1989 - 1992 Ford Ranger' started by 90RedRanger, Feb 21, 2022.

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    This might sound weird but when I bought my 90 Ranger it came with a basic radio with
    no cassett player. I quickly found a radio with cassett in a local yard. After many years of owning
    this Ranger, Ive decided to restore it and bring it back to original. This model came with rubber mat,
    no head liner, no tacho, no a/c, no power steering 2wd, 4cyl, 5 speed, bench seat. It's really as basic as they were in 1990.
    The logo on the fender says RANGER. After looking for the original radio in my shop, I cannot find
    it. Of course after so many years it's probably in a land fill some place. Does any one here have any
    idea what this radio looked like and if it's possible to even find one? This radio thing is the only
    missing part to being completely Original. No big deal if one cannot be found but if one is laying around
    in a garage I would be interested. I have a 6cyl cluster with tacho that works if some one wants to trade.
    Yes I know. AM/FM only. I come from the 8 track tape era. If I go back to AM/FM only, I will screw on a 8 track
    player under the dash. I've had this one since 1975. Now that would be original.
    Thanks, Tony in Oregon.

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