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Discussion in '1993 - 1997 Ford Ranger' started by toadboy, Aug 15, 2018.

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    Hey All! I just lucked into another Ranger, 1996 4.0 XLT. Young guy fishtailed, and hit a guard rail with the right front/rt rear bed. The bed, rt fender, and hood are toast along with the front bumper, lights, grill and header panel. I took all the bent/broken parts off the front end today. Very surprised that there is insignificant damage to the rest of the front end. No damage to a/c or radiator. Nothing damaged in the front drive line. Just all the bolt on stuff was tore up. I was going to swap the 4.0 driveline into my old 91 (400K), but have reconsidered. I read that any 92-97 ranger panels will fit, and there seem to be plenty of rangers still in the scrap yards. I even priced "new" panels and they are crazy expensive? But that might be to obvious? What would you Ranger fans do with a blank front end slate? Can I bolt on a newer front end; hang newer fenders, hood, lights....? Would you hang a flairside bed on it? Maybe run vertical exhaust (think Dodge Lil Red P/U)? This could be fun.....

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