new owner, 04 XLT, no manual

Discussion in '1998 - Present Ford Ranger' started by loryd, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. loryd

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    new owner, 04 XLT 4x4, no owners manual....under what conditions does one switch from 2wd to 4wd low, or 4wd high? I mean, standing still, moving, under a certain speed, etc. never had 4wd vehicle before.... 3 position switch on dash.....
  2. Fx4wannabe01

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    You can shift into and out of 4hi "on-the-fly"....meaning I believe anytime under 40mph. Flip the switch and you'll see the light on the dash say 4hi. I like to throttle out when doing it in this method because I'm a manual....I've never read the owner manual on "proper" use of this creature comfort.

    To shift into 4lo, stopped, trans in neutral, foot on brake, clutch in(if manual), shift the knob, light on dash should say 4lo.

    It's a great investment searching on eBay for an owner's manual for your year. I too bought my truck used and it was lacking a manual. $10 shipped for a brand spanking new manual with folder and unopened "how-to" CD for the stereo system. Still residing in my glovebox some 10 years later. Don't regret it at all. It's worth it just for the fuse diagrams.
  3. loryd

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    thanks fx4...I will try it now..i kept snooping and found a ford website (maybe not official) but it has the entire manual in pdf, so downloaded it, (free) and it says what you did.

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