How-To: Replace Front Wheel Bearing Hubs

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    How-To: Replace Front Wheel Bearing Hubs.
    This How-To is for replacing the front wheel bearing hub assemblies on a 1999 Ranger 4x4, with AVM Rugged Ridge Manual Locking Hubs.
    This may apply to many other years.

    Let's Begin.

    8mm Socket
    15mm Socket
    15mm Wrench
    5mm allen wrench
    Two Flat Head Screwdrivers
    Snap ring Pliers
    Pick Sets
    Rubber Mallet
    Lugnut sockets or wrench for removing your tires.
    WD-40 or JB-80 or Liquid Wrench
    Torch, Map gas or Propane Torch may be needed if bolts are too tight and seized up.

    STEP 1:
    Loosen up your lugnuts on your rims and prepare to remove the tire.


    STEP 2:
    Use the jack to jack up the truck to get the tire off the ground.
    Use a jackstand to help secure the truck.
    Remove the tire and set aside.

    STEP 3:
    Remove the Brake Rotor.
    Two bolts on the back, use the 15mm Socket or Wrench to remove the bolts.

    STEP 4:
    Remove your center hub. In this case I have AVM Rugged Ridge Manual lockouts.
    Use two flat head screwdrivers to pull up and move the teeth tabs on the hub and slowly remove it.

    STEP 5:
    Remove the Brake Rotor Disk.
    You may need to tap it with a rubber mallet to brake it loose.


    STEP 6:
    Remove the 3 bolts holding the metal brake shield on, using the 8mm socket and ratchet.

    STEP 7:
    Inner Boot Shield Removal
    On the back of the hub where the driveshaft boot is, you will see a metal ring shield, held in by two small bolts, this shield is in the way of accessing the 3 main hub bearing bolts. Remove the two bolts with the 8mm socket and ratchet. Using a 1/4" ratchet works the best.
    Once the 2 bolts are out, you can slide the metal ring out of the way to access the 3 main hub bearing bolts.

    STEP 8:
    Remove the ABS sensor using a 5mm Allen wrench

    STEP 9:
    Inside the hub around the spline shaft is a circular wave spring on a plastic retainer clip. Remove that with the flathead screwdriver, it's not easy. You may need to use a pick set with hooks, like i did.

    Use snap ring pliers to remove the retainer clip located in the hub around the spline shaft. This can be a real pain. Again you may need to use a pick set.

    STEP 10:
    Remove the 3 main bolts securing the hub bearing assembly. Use a 15mm wrench or socket with ratchet.
    Do not round them off. Use the WD-40 or Torch if needed.

    Pull the assembly out.
    You may need to use your rubber mallet to knock it loose.
    Compare the old one to the new one.
    if it matches and you have the correct part, install it using these steps in reverse order.

    It may also be wise to lube up the splines with some grease while you're at this point.

    New hub installed

    Please note that some of these pics were taken of the driver side, others were of the passenger side. The bearing hub assembly is the same for each side.
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