Demand for 2019 Ford Rangers is through the roof

Discussion in '2019 + Ford Ranger' started by Jon, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. Jon

    Jon Administrator

    I'm seeing that Ford is planning on having massive overtime for its employees to meet demand for the 2019 Ford Ranger.

    Sounds like this is gonna be a huge success!
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  3. DeanMk

    DeanMk Member

    Good to hear. Maybe if it proves popular enough, they'll start offering parts for the older models (like MINE!) again. -b
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  4. beachbum84

    beachbum84 New Member

    That's good news!
  5. jmr301

    jmr301 New Member

    Are they really worth buying?
  6. DeanMk

    DeanMk Member

  7. getbent

    getbent New Member

    It's always best to stay away from a new model for a couple of years after introduction to let them work all the kinks out.
  8. Joe Stewart

    Joe Stewart New Member

    I have a 2019 Ranger Lariat I bought slightly wrecked on the front. I rebuilt it with all new Ford parts. I bought it 12/23/19. It had 3500 miles on it. I put 3900 miles on it and a RAT got in the dash and ate some of the wiring. I have pulled the dash and repaired what wires that were eaten but I have 2 cables that go to the back of the screen. I replaced 1 but I can't get the other bought. The part # is KB3T 18812 AAA. It is plainly marked on the cable assembly. I have listed the part # on multiple Ford sites and it doesn't show there is such a part. I have been told by Ford people they have had a lot of trouble with RODENTS eating wiring on these trucks. They said that the people at Ford used peanut oil to pull the wiring through the wiring bundles, thus the rats have a feeding frenzy. I have owned this damned thing for 19 months and it has sat in my shop waiting for a cable for the last 7 months that Ford doesn't seem to have a # for. If and when I get a cable I will unload this piece of ====. I put a bed cover, rails and a hitch receiver on it and it looks brand new sitting in my shop in pieces. I thought this would be the last truck I would ever own but it is definitely going away.
  9. Justin Wideman

    Justin Wideman New Member

    It's not really a "new model" as Ranger was never killed in the rest of the world and kept growing and is the #1 truck in Europe and Australia that do not have many other choices or many large F-series-sized truck alternatives. In 2019 it was just imported from other markets to take on the Colorado/Canyon and Tacoma. I just bought the '21 model that is made in Michigan, unlike most MexiFords. They released the Ranger Tremor and announced the Ranger Raptor so this is gonna be around for a while. It is not really a generational jump from the old Rangers, more parts from the current Edge and Explorer without being called an Explorer Trac-Sport that no one liked (unibody, plastic bed), much more capable.

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