~ Broken pedal mount? Help! ~

Discussion in '1998 - 2011 Ford Ranger' started by dropt_98, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. dropt_98

    dropt_98 New Member

    Went to start my truck tonight and it wouldn't start. Sometimes my clutch engage switch doesn't read that the clutch is depressed, so I pushed it a little harder, something popped, and the pedal came loose. I crawled under the dash and the pivot bar which is connected to the brake & clutch pedal has broken loose from the bracket.

    Does anyone know what this mounting bracket is called, where I can get one, and how much of a pain in the arse this thing is going to be to fix?

    I am currently broken down at my gf's dorm, 3 hours away from home. F M L.
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  3. OP

    dropt_98 New Member

    Ok after some research I may have figured out an answer to my own problem, but hey, this could be a good write up for someone in the future.

    So for anyone who has broken the mount for the clutch/brake pedal, the part you are looking for is 6L5Z2455BB: Clutch/Brake pedal bracket. I am going to zip tie my pedals to tie firewall and limp it an hour or so till I'm within AAA towing range then I'll get it towed back to my house. Will hopefully get money together and get the part ordered and take lots of pictures for a how-to project.
  4. Fx4wannabe01

    Fx4wannabe01 New Member

    Better make 'em some pretty stout zip ties! That's some pretty decent pressure it'll have to put up with. Try matching the engine speed with the trans speed and the shifter will slip right in without the use of the clutch. It'll suck starting out from a stop, but once you're moving, clutchless is the way I suggest going. Downshifting without a clutch is trickier. Something to think about on your limp to AAA coverage. I assume you've got AAA Plus? 100mi towing coverage. (I'm a tow operator and one of our contracts is AAA Oregon.

    I'm imagining the shared pivot shaft that the clutch and brake pedal use has broken? Or the bracket itself broke? I've seen the studs in the firewall snap off. Please do post pics of your damage and the fix!

    Have you tested your temporary fix?
  5. OP

    dropt_98 New Member

    I have some pretty thick zip ties so hopefully they hold out. The only PITA is going to be starting it, I'm guessing I'm gonna have to push start it because I can't get the clutch switch to engage the starter. Most of my driving is going to be highway so shifting won't be that much of a problem (I hope).

    Yes I do have AAA plus, depending on how things are going I may just try to get it as close to home as possible. Guess it all depends on how the zip ties hold up.

    The bracket has actually broken. The pivot shaft is held to the bracket in 2 spots, the spot closest to the clutch pedal is the one that broke. Im hoping that the spot near the brake can hold together for the 3 hour drive home, otherwise I will have no brakes and no clutch. Its always something isnt it?!

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