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Discussion in '1998 - 2011 Ford Ranger' started by 3lemental, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. 3lemental

    3lemental 2011 Ranger

    No cold air coming out of my 2011 Ranger. And wow, it's hot this week. The AC gradually slowed down over a period of weeks, then, nothing. I guessed a recharge was probably the issue.

    I bought a recharge 12a kit - which says it recharges 134a & 12 coolant systems. I followed instructions (screwed can on, attached coupling to truck, turned screw on can to pierce, then unscrewed) but the pressure increased quickly. The pressure was heading for max on the gague so I stopped.

    Here is a pic of the hook-up I used:


    Am wondering if I've done something wrong. I'll try again in the morning when the engine is cool. Or could there be something I'm not doing maintenance wise, like an air filter or such that can get blocked?

    Any advice / help is most welcome!
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  3. OP

    3lemental 2011 Ranger


    Everything is better. The pressure behaved itself & the recharge worked. I am not sure why but the engine needed to sit overnight.

    I'm wondering - if there is no coolant in the system & only air, does air compress more than coolant. So if the engine is just shut off, & the compressor has been compressing air, the pressure might be higher than usual? Would like to know if anyone understands about this.

    There is probably still warranty on the truck for this, if the coolant leaks again I'll go to the dealership. Unfortunately I had to get a kit this time because I needed ac today (not sometime this week) & I need the truck every day. Sucks to pay the money, but that's the cost of getting things without waiting.
  4. m_doiron

    m_doiron Black 2011 SportSC 20rims

    I just bought my 2011 Ranger last month, and one of the first things I noticed on my test drive was the ice cold air, way WAY better than the 08 Miata I was trading. Your truck is too young to need refrigerant so soon. If mine had this problem, I would go straight to the Ford dealership with it. Of course, I live near the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, and it's hot as youknowwhere down here LOL! Good luck with it!:yes:
  5. OP

    3lemental 2011 Ranger

    Most excellent advice, I'll do that when a weekend opens up. Unfortunately that was not possible this month. Up here in Ontario we move between igloos to frying eggs.

    I don't think the refrigerant has to completely leak out again for a problem to be diagnosed.
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2013

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