97 Ranger won't start ( no spark or fuel at same time )

Discussion in '1993 - 1997 Ford Ranger' started by Lone Shepherd, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. Lone Shepherd

    Lone Shepherd New Member

    Hi guys, sorry to make this my first post. I'm Shepherd! I created and account here because I ran into a problem with my Ranger that I haven't been able to solve.

    This ranger has 478,000 miles on it. A few months ago I did a full tune-up (all plugs, filters, etc) along with the timing belt and fuel pump.

    So today I noticed the signals weren't working, which was odd, so I popped open the fuse boxes in the engine bay and cabin and checked everything, I only found two blown 10A ( one in the engine box and one in the passenger box ). They weren't significant things so not worth mentioning.

    Anyway, I pulled everything initially one by one - the relays, the diodes, fuses, etc. When I went to turn on the car, it wouldn't start. I replaced all the big relays too.

    I don't hear the wine from the fuel pump anymore. When I press the shrader valve to check for any fuel nothing comes out. I took some plugs off the ignition packs to check for any spark when turning over and saw nothing. I also sprayed starter fluid in the intake and it doesn't even sputter, so I guess it for sure also has no spark now too. I have no idea what I could have possibly done, or how to even troubleshoot this.

    Also, when I turn the key to electrical on I noticed the CEL doesn't appear at all. Which I can't remember perfectly but I feel like it used to pop up before turning the vehicle on.

    SORRY for the long post, I'd really appreciate some insight into what I could do to try and fix this. Thanks!
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  3. OP
    Lone Shepherd

    Lone Shepherd New Member

    Also Someone elsewhere suggested that my computer may have shorted out. If I grab another one out of a 93 - 97 2.3 std is it a simple swap? Mines a 97.

    EDIT: to avoid another post. I pulled the PCM and opened it up hoping to find evidence of burnout. No odd smells and it looks perfect inside.

    EDIT: I jumped the relay for the FPR and the pump turns on. Tested for voltage at the PCM relay and it has it. Also on the FPR relay slot, if I jump the pin next to the FP on pin, it clicks the PCM relay.
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  4. RangerAl

    RangerAl Member

    In front of the crank pulley there is a sensor. I guessed it is "crank sensor", it tell the PCM to fire and spray fuel to the engine. Oil leaked or coolant will shorten the connection. Clean the connector or replace with new sensor.

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