4wd - 2 wheels spinning

Discussion in 'Drivetrain Tech' started by jimmyjames, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. jimmyjames

    jimmyjames New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm new here, new to Ranger ownership having just bought an UK '09 Ranger Thunder extracab - please be gentle with me...

    So, this may seem like a really basic question to some of you but on my first trip to the woods, i'm parked up on a gentle slope, both left wheels on mud, right wheels on a hardpack gravel track... Switched to 4wd and the left hand wheels are spinning in the mud and i'm going no where. This happens in both hi and lo.

    It starts off with 4wd light on, starts to spin and RFW light comes on - still not going anywhere.

    I've been reading up on different 4wd systems and have looked for more info but not having much luck with finding out the specifics of what mine has. I've read of vacum switches possibly being involved but would appreciate it if anyone could shed any light on the situation or post a picture of what to look for.

    I live in the UK if that makes any difference to the vehicle specs...?

    Many thanks!

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  3. mhoward

    mhoward Member

    Jim, you may be experiencing what my son refers to as "one wheel wonder". His 1999 XLT 4x4 does the same thing. The tire with the least amount of traction will spin. Only way to fix that is to replace both differentials with limited slip units... rather expensive to do.
  4. OP

    jimmyjames New Member

    Thanks for the reply mhoward, sounds disappointing, could it be anything to do with the vacum and solenoids do you think? The grip seems pathetic if i'm honest, no better than my old discovery which only operated in 2wd. If so, any chance of a picture from anyone as to where i can find said items?
  5. mhoward

    mhoward Member

    Jim, I don't know much about the 4x4 other than what I mentioned above (my truck is 2wd). There may be things you can do to improve the function. Hopefully, someone else will chime in here to help. :)
  6. OP

    jimmyjames New Member

    Thanks matey, much appreciated!
    I wasn't aware what a can of worms the subject of diff locks is... :confused:
  7. mhoward

    mhoward Member

    Some of the other Ranger forums get a bit heated over what diff is best! LOL
  8. OP

    jimmyjames New Member

    Hah hah, i'll prepare myself! Which other forums do you rate for info?
  9. mhoward

    mhoward Member

    I follow Ranger-Forums.com and FordRangerForum.com as well as this one. Can't have too much Ranger information! :)
  10. OP

    jimmyjames New Member

    brilliant, thanks ;)

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