4.0l engine questions

Discussion in 'Engine Tech' started by Bob Palmer, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Bob Palmer

    Bob Palmer New Member

    i was looking at some ranger 4x4 trucks and it seems most have the 4.0l engine. but in doing some you tubes looking for interference of them i see the 4x4 engine area bear if the chins go out. have to pull the engine. so did that really ever go away. a friend told me the early 4.0l engine had pushroda then around 2000 they went to sovc engines and the games begin. he works as a mechanic for the post office and those truck that had that engine he said were a bear to work on. but i thinks that ford changed that later on. so if they did when did that happen? i see a lot of older rangers with like 200k on them but being the timing chains were an issue i stay away thinking those are for sale becasue of this issue.

    also how if the 3.0l i hear that is a much better engine for durability but i do not see many 4x4 truck with that engine so maybe that engine is not a good setup for the 4x4. may be a bit under powered. but if not how do these engine hold up when they start getting up towards 200k on them thanks
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  3. RangerAl

    RangerAl Member

    I personally like the 4.0 engine, it is a push rod motor. Also the 3.0 is a smaller displacement motor, you will regret it. It is one of the slowest motor and not much aftermarket support. As for mileage wise, the 4.0 get about the same as the 3.0. If you are going to get the 4x4, might as well get the biggest.
  4. OP
    Bob Palmer

    Bob Palmer New Member

    thanks but like i said i see tons of the 4.ol trucks and then the issues when they get around 150k to 175k miles on them. they area bear to fix. i for one am not liking the fact you have to remove the engine to repair the timing chains. what a stupid idea. and they still make it and people still get them. wow. the 3.0 from what i have learned is almost bullet proof. so for my money i will stick to a proven engine if i go the ranger route. thanks
  5. PeteB

    PeteB Member

    Bob, The 2000 (I think) and earlier 4.0l engines have the exact same type of timing chain setup as the 3.0l. I have a 94 with 190000 miles on it with no major issues. The engine with the timing chain issues you're referring to are the newer overhead cam 4.0l engines. I know that kind of limits you as these trucks aren't getting any newer but, there's no reason to be afraid of the earlier 4.0l's.

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  6. RangerAl

    RangerAl Member

    PeteB is right. The OHV are one of the toughest engine. How often do you hear the chain break on these engine?

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