2004 (and similar years) headliners

Discussion in 'Interior' started by Sean McG, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. Sean McG

    Sean McG New Member

    Okay, I've checked LMC (long motor company) and a few other markets. So far, I've found many places that sell replacement headliners for the older Rangers but none for the newer models. I'd really rather not undertake another headliner project if I can help it.

    Has anyone found a biz that sells these or am I stuck with another headliner project? Its those galldasted clips that hold the headliners that raise my bloodpressure.
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  3. cacher

    cacher New Member

    Headliners are easy. Find the material you want at Wallyworld, or wherever, and buy it (mine I replaced in my 93 was pirate jolly roger print,lol). Remove headliner, peel off old material, spray on #m spray adhesive, and lay your new material on it. With a squeegee, or similar small plastic paddleboard spread it out flat,and let dry overnight. Reinstall the next day. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=removing+ford+ranger+headiner+clips
  4. OP
    Sean McG

    Sean McG New Member

    Cool. Thanks. I did one on an 85 Camaro and a 78 Caprice. They turned out okay considering I wasn't a professional. I feel that Im going to have to do the job. My research now is with how to appropriately remove the trim so that I can do a smashing job of it all. I will be looking at a few tube vids before beginning the task of trim removal.
    Of course I think I am going to be doing a few mods such as changing out the map light and running a few tubes for post installation wiring.
    Any trim removal suggestions....welcome.
  5. cacher

    cacher New Member

    #m is 3M, lol
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  6. OP
    Sean McG

    Sean McG New Member

    (Over a year later.....)

    Life has gotten in the way of my "do list" and about two months ago, I was able to tackle the headliner project. Having put a headliner in a 72 Malibu, a 78 Caprice and 85 Camaro (Yes it does seem as if I lean toward Chevy products.), the concerns were breaking the fragile trim pieces that retain the headliner's edge.
    As it turned out, an ebay trim removal kit made the process easier than I anticipated. However, once I got the old headliner material (and foam) off the fiberglass/cardboard backer, I easily installed the new cloth.
    It looked great, except when I checked it the next day, there were spots that I omitted to properly affix to the backer board. It was above the jumper seats and in a rather deep recess. I should have used a roller. Regardless, the results are less than stellar.

    My question to the forum is this. Has anyone had a similar experience and if so, how was it corrected? Can the new foam and cloth be removed with the new glue?

    Call me OCD but I am not wanting to put the bad-job-headliner back in my baby truck if I have a better option.

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