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Jan 20, 2014
Feb 13, 2011
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Williamsport Pa
Big Rig suspension mechanic

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Black sheep o' the family, from Williamsport Pa

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Jan 20, 2014
    1. mcdonald58
      hey brad ive got a question about replacing shackles. mine are starting to rust and look terrible. to replace them do i just have to jack the truck up by the frame in the rear then un bolt the old one and bolt the news ones up? will the spring be under tension when i un bolt the old shackle? thanks for any help.
    2. vintagexpress1
      Hi was wondering if you have another extra tube for my son's 86 ranger 2.9 litre
      thanks vintagexpress1
    3. Redneck_ranger
      Hey Brad, you wouldn't happen to be coming anywhere near Wilkes-Barre anytime soon, would you? I have a buddy on the Dakota forum who wants a grille from the extra hood I have and he lives in Williamsport. Told me he's the brother in law of a friend of yours. Let me know, I might even be able to meet you somewhere halfway for it even.
    4. Redneck_ranger
    5. tlaning
      Brinker88, So, you said to go with the 44? I have a Dana 35 on the rear with a Detroit Locker, and Chromolly shafts. I know that the Dana 30 isn't the best, but it was what was affordable at the time. I am running 4.56 gears in the back, and the cost to switch out gears in the front would be almost as much as to change out to the axle. Any ideas?
    6. 96 mills ranger
      96 mills ranger
      Hey wondering if you have anymore of those stickers
    7. Redneck_ranger
    8. DesrtRanger27
      okay cool np just let me know. thanks
    9. DesrtRanger27
      okay cool pay with pay pals?
    10. Achromious
      Scratch that... make it black haha
    11. Achromious
      Hey man I'd take a white decal if you still have any
    12. DesrtRanger27
      white would be great. whats the cost?
    13. DesrtRanger27
      Hey nice ranger. I was wondering about the sticker, have any left?
    14. Hurley
      Hey dude. I got my sticker today. Thanks again man.
    15. 99rangerguy
      Hey man, Clinton referred me to you about the decals. Was wondering if you had any left?
    16. Hurley
      hey man in your sig it says custom tailgate? whats that about?
    17. Immomsfavorite
      Hi, I'm a new member and I was wondering if you had any stickers left.
    18. Diabolical Ranger
    19. Black mamba
      Black mamba
      Did you get my pm? Its not showing up in my sent box
    20. Brinker88
      HELL of a big difference. I got them off of a guy on craigslist for $100 said he paid close to 500 for them.
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    :nuke: 1993 4x4 Ford Ranger Ext. Cab, stepside|4.0L|Lifted | Dana 35 TTB | 4.56s | Disc 8.8 with Aussie Locker |Yakima Roof Rack |35" BFG KM2's on MT Classic IIs |Etc..:yes: | We are the 4x4 % |

    Wherever we want to go, we'll go. That's what a truck is, you know. It's not just a frame and a cab and a bed and engine, that's what a truck needs but what a truck is... what the Ranger really is... is freedom.


    Williamsport Pa
    Big Rig suspension mechanic