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    Brand New Long Range America Fuel Tank

    Arrived after my 2019 Ranger was totaled!
    My loss is your gain, this is posted on eBay, starting bid is half price!
    • Fits Ford Ranger 2019-2023 models with any engine option, but will NOT fit the Raptor version
    • Fits 4X4 and 2WD mod
    • This tank replaces your OE fuel tank, it holds 37 gallons instead of the stock 18 gallons and fills the same way an OE tank fills
    • Adds a massive 105% more fuel than stock!!
    • Go from an average 250 mile range to over 500 miles!!! Great for people who live in remote areas, or like to go more than 4 hours before filling up, or tow a trailer.
    • Tank fills using OEM gas door
    • No Exhaust modification required
    • Sits about 1.5″ lower than the OEM tank
    • Distance To Empty Feature can be recalibrated with the use of FORSCAN software, this will be a customer sourced option.
    • Fitting time – approximately 4-5 hours by a professional
    • Part Number: FRDCPYR-US
    • This product can not be sold or shipped to residents in California due to SMOG rules. Do not order this product if you live in California!!


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