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  1. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    Welcome to Ranger Forum, Ranger of the Month contest! [​IMG]

    Here's how it works:

    There will NOT be a nomination process for entries.
    Members enter their trucks into the contest themselves and must include the following with their entries:





    Mods/Custom Work:


    Garage Link:


    After 15 days, the Ranger Forum staff will pick 3 members entries. These 3 members will proceed to members voting.

    At the end of the month, the truck that has the most votes is the truck of the Month! [​IMG]

    Winners receive major bragging rights over other members AND have their trucks put in the ROTM Hall Of Fame!

    Only Administrators & Moderators are able to create threads in the Truck of the Month section.

    NOW......For the rules:

    Ranger of the month will consist of members rangers, whether they are lifted, stock, bagged, stretched, beaten etc.

    1. Contestants MUST be an active member on the forum.

    2. The ranger entered, must be the contestants and they must currently own them.

    3. Members MUST have a garage for the entered ranger

    4. Members who are participating, and receive infractions during the nomination and/or voting process will be removed from the contest.

    5. Any cheating, emailing members to vote for someone, that person will be banned automatically for 1 week and will not be eligible to enter the contest until the following calendar year.

    6. Any member maliciously attacking, demoralizing, or putting down a members Ranger in the contest, will not be eligible to enter in this contest for a 3 month period.

    7. This contest is for Rangers and Mazda B series trucks ONLY

    8. Winning members are not eligible to enter the contest again until the following calendar year

    Remember guys, this is just a fun thing for the forum, just friendly competition.
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