PATS Issue?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by toadboy, Jun 17, 2019.

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    Hey Guys, I think I'm beating a dead horse here? I have a 99 3.0 4x4 Auto standard cab Ranger that is used as a secondary farm/fishing vehicle. I had let it sit a bit too long and the battery drained. I charged the battery, and the truck refuses to start. No starter engagement what so ever. Theft light flashed for about 30 seconds after I put the key in the ignition. I'm hearing a relay under the dash clicking (similar to turn signal relay sound) after I attempt to start the truck? Sort of a dull tick tock? The theft light does not stay on. The dash lights up as usual upon turning the key, all other dash lights seem to be working normally? I tried disconnecting the battery for about an hour. I tried turning the ignition to run and letting the vehicle sit for 11 minutes in an attempt to let the PATs re-learn the key. I have 3 keys and all 3 do the same thing. Battery is hot; 13+ volts. I think its the PATs module, and I might have to go to the stealership for the correction? Not what I want to do, but if someone doesn't come up with a possible fix, I am going to have to drag it to the dealer.

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