My 1st Ranger 87' XLT wheel swap

Discussion in '1983 - 1988 Ford Ranger' started by Bill&davesxlt, Jan 31, 2024.

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    Inherited my step-dad's 87' XLT Ranger. It's not much, but he loved it. He had a new engine put in 10 years ago (2.3L) & retired it and let it sit. I got it running again & drove 5 miles home. It's priceless to me, but in his memory, would love to put it back on the road as a weekend short trip driver. I absolutely hate these little bicycle tires on it , and would love to change the wheel/tire combo. They're 14" 5 on4.5 x 6"w? My 1st Ranger, so any ideas on what fits & looks good?

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