multiple amps, multiple questions

Discussion in 'Audio Tech' started by alpine_earthquakes, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. alpine_earthquakes

    alpine_earthquakes New Member

    I just upgraded my amps wire kit from 8ga to 4ga. Took out the in line fuse, and am currently using an in line circuit breaker. My next upgrade ,be adding an amp for my mids and highs. Question is what steps do I take? Must I use a cap? if I don't use one, is my alternator safe? My HU only had one set of rcas. But I have an eq inline before my amp. ( I wired my rca from my radio to my eq, from there to my gain input control switch then to my amp.. Lots of rca cables!) Can I jump another amp straight from my eq, since it has 3 sets of line out jacks as well as a sub out jack. also, should I add a dist block, or can I just keep my old 8ga wire kit ran from the battery and use it? I want to keep the 4ga running straight to my amp. Anyone's input us greatly valued and greatly appreciated.
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  3. buggman

    buggman Do not touch the trim!

    What are the total fuse ratings of both your amps?

    Your alternator is probably a 95a model, so you'll need to subtract the total amps of your amplifiers fuses from 95. If you get a negative number, it's time to upgrade the alternator & do the Big 3 wiring upgrade.

    If your amps fuse rating is 100a, when your truck is running & the stereo is on, the alternator is barley giving the amps the power they need, let alone the power to run the truck, the lights, ac, wipers, etc.
    You can get by for a while, but eventually you'll fry the alternator... I have experience in frying alternators as I fried 2 in my younger years.

    If your old 8ga wiring is in good shape & your new amp draws less current than it can provide, you'll be fine using it for the new amp.
    It's not the perfect scenario, but it will work. Ideally, you'd run 1/0ga from the battery to the amp power distribution area & split off with shorter runs of 4ga & 8ga from there.

    I've never been a fan of caps, with stock electrical systems they may cause more harm than good. They act sort of like a reserve battery & every time it gets drained by the amps, the alternator has to replenish it along with all the other electrical loads.

    For the EQ, I'd run one set of rca's out to the front speaker amp channels, one set out to the rear speaker amp channels and a 3rd set of rca's out to the sub amp. Most times EQ's will have a sub out rca output.
    That would allow you to use the EQ to fade between front & rear and control the sub volume as well.
  4. OP

    alpine_earthquakes New Member

    Well my sub amp has two 40a fuses. It actually had two sets of power and ground connectors. I just haven't found another power port for it, as they are removable. So actually id have to run 0ga wire, with two 4ga and one 8 gauge coming out. My amp is sort of a dinosaur. But a beastly one. I have an old infinity kapa 202a 600w amp. But its well underrated imo. So I guess in order to run two amps i need the big 3 and a high output alt. Because powering my amp completely would take 80a
  5. Scrambler82

    Scrambler82 Old Guy User


    Did you ever get your amps hooked up ?

    What did you end up doing on the wiring/alternator/battery/big3… and the list goes on ?

    I am interested because I have one amp for four speakers and was given a Shallow Sub/Box/Amp and was thinking about multi amp setup wiring.
  6. OP

    alpine_earthquakes New Member

    Hey sorry I didn't get back to you soon enough, I never did anything concerning the amp(s). I did however upgrade my door speakers to a very nice pair of infinity refs, retail was like $145, junk yard retail, $8. SCORE!
    I don't want to run multiple amps off of my stock alt. I'd rather wait til I'm ready to spend the money than be forced to spend it if my alt fails
  7. Scrambler82

    Scrambler82 Old Guy User

    Definitely a good buy on the speakers… JY’s are so good some of the time.

    OK on the alternator upgrade, I am in the same boat and waiting.
  8. OP

    alpine_earthquakes New Member

    I love my local junk yard, I find all sorts of stuff. My brother in law found two alpine type S 3 way 6x9s for dirt cheap
  9. Scrambler82

    Scrambler82 Old Guy User

    I got a Pioneer/OEM Ford System from an Explorer but nothing really great for sound systems.

    Where did you say that JY is ??? LOL

    I ended up purchasing a new Pioneer System based on their System Buildup Charts, Head Unit, Amp, Component Speakers and looking at buying their Sub and another Amp.

    Now if I could find that in the JY…

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