Loved my '99, want a divorce from my 2020

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Trash Ranger, May 10, 2021.

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    I bought a '99 Ranger for $1500. with over 200k miles on it in 2018. I only expected it to get me through one winter. I was happy and comfortable with it, and being my first truck, got a little sentimenntal. It lasted almost two years, and I decided to keep it goin. I spent over $3k on it, and it was running really nicely. Then, the rusty spots that I just thought added character became a problem, especially around the windshield. I took it to Jay Harris Auto in Ogden, UT for a "beauty makeover": repainting, replacing the carpet with vinyl, and painting the inside vinyl parts. After $1400, buying the vinyl floiring and oaibt, and waiting over 9 months, he had lost the key, lost parts, and the truck didn't run. A tow and another $1400 at another shop got it running again, though still missing interior parts. Then, it started leaking oil big time, and I gave up. I traded the truck to someone who needed one, and likes to work on cars.

    I bought a brand-new 2020 Ranger on January 2nd for $37k with bumper-to-bumper warranty. Good thing I bought the warranty. I am so disappointed, I went to a Toyota dealership after less than a 1000 miles and tried to trade it for a $23k Tacoma. I kind of hate today's Ranger.

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