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Discussion in '1998 - 2011 Ford Ranger' started by Eddie Money, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. OP
    Eddie Money

    Eddie Money Member

    I've been hoping to conclude this thread but unfortunatly it's not over yet.

    So far, Ive keept hoping for the best, but this week I'm preparing for worst. I keep assuming the paint shop will do their diligence and complete the paint job. I scheduled the bed liner a 3rd time believing they were done for thursday.

    Monday i call the paint shop again and let him know its still not as promised and to find out when the last parts arrive. I do my liner anyway at this point and arrange to pick it up from line x and drop it off at the paint shop Thursday night so they can finish it friday. Supposedly my parts will be there as well. When I drop it off Thursday he says the defect on the door was probably....., he looked around and pointed at the zipper on my sweatshirt and said, from a zipper or something. He said it wasnt there when it left his shop because his guy went down the sides. I said bs, if your guy went down the sides he would have gotten the nibs and i wouldnt be here. I show them 10 things to fix, they fix 2 and make a really big deal about the 2 and hope I'll not check the rest. It's wearing me out. He says he'll need it till Saturday. I remind him the last time he said Saturday no one was there. Then he says Monday because his brother invited him to a collage football game and Sunday he's going to the NFL game. (I'm only paying for a rental in the mean time, right?) On monday he says itll be done at the end of day, so I ask if it'll be ready to pick up Tuesday? He says that'll be better. The office guy calls tuesday on his behalf ( a phone call from them, that's a first) he says it won't be ready till wednesday. We'll see...

    After our conversation last friday I lost any confidence this was going to end well after he blamed me for the chip in the door. I did some searching and made some calls. If the vehicle is not as promised, I'm going another route.

    To be continued......
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  3. OP
    Eddie Money

    Eddie Money Member

    It's been dark and rainy this week but after having the truck since Wednesday I think I can conclude this thread. I ran my hands down the body like a young man with his first lady. Lol. I'm happy with the color, finish and it's smooth. It has everything back on it with a new line x bedliner and looks beautiful. Now i just want to put the experience in the rear view mirror and look for a v8 doner with all the interior pieces I want to incorporate. I'll probably buy an explorer and use it as a daily driver while I swap out its power leather bucket seats, console and lighted mirror visors while I ponder how I want to lift it and how high. Not sure if I want a body lift, suspension lift or both. I'l be keeping the v6 till it expires and then swap out the rear diff, axels, disc brakes and motor eventually. The interior will get a new headliner and leather on the jump seats and I'll replace the door fabric with leather and restuff and recover the buckets to match. That's my dream. I aim high!!. Lol.

    As soon as I get a chance I'll take some pics of it as it is now.

    Thanks to those who replied and those who read

    Project Blue Iris coming soon!!! She is anxious to meet you all. Lol.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2017
  4. mhoward

    mhoward Member

    I am happy to see you have fought the good fight and received satisfaction with the paint shop folks. Yes, I believe you are aiming high with your mod list, but it can all be done with time, patience and a bit of cash! Many of the mods you mention, I have already done to mine... and I love them every one! I look forward to seeing pics of the finished product! :)
  5. OP
    Eddie Money

    Eddie Money Member

    I agree. The list is long and it won't happen fast. I'm goal oriented and always like to look forard to what's next, after I celebrate an accomplishment. I plan to have this truck a long time so I'm in no rush. I'm really enjoying it though!!!
  6. mhoward

    mhoward Member

    And that, my friend, is what it is all about! :)
  7. Dchad53

    Dchad53 Member

    Good for you. It's always a good feeling when you get justice. Keep on keepin on.
  8. OP
    Eddie Money

    Eddie Money Member

    Thank you. Its been crappy out. I haven't had a chance to get good pics yet but it looks killer with the new line x bed liner. I ponied up for the premium so it'll stay blackedy black black!! Premium has the uv protection so it won't fade to gray
  9. mhoward

    mhoward Member

    That color-changing thing is why I never liked the spray-in bed liners. Didn't know they offered the UV option. Apparently, most people don't pay the extra for that option. Glad you did... your truck deserves the extra quality! :)

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