How To: Wetsand your headlights

Discussion in 'How-To' started by mcdonald58, Jan 15, 2013.

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    this how to is explaining how to wetsand your headlights. this is an effective and cheap way to get oxidation of your headlights and restore them. i payed $15 for all materials. heres the material list:
    1. 800-1200 grit sand paper
    2. cup of water
    3. meguiars plast x
    4. buffing pad
    5. painting tape
    6. cloth
    View attachment 1774
    let the sandpaper soak in the water for about a minute before starting.
    tape off around your head light the plast x can make a mess on your paint.
    View attachment 1775
    start wetsanding your headlight. make sure you have moisture on the sand paper at all times. i went in a grid pattern to make sure i did everything evenly. wipe off the water occasionally so you can see your progress.
    View attachment 1776
    start applying the palst x using the buffing pad. i again went in the same grid pattern wiping off the extra plast x after each pass. i did three passes until i was done.
    View attachment 1772
    View attachment 1777
    the more work you put into this the better results you will get. it took me about a half hour to do this job completely. i did three wetsands and three polishes on each headlight and i think i got good results.

    i couldnt figure out how to delter the three pictures at the bottom.
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