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    This how to is for applying do it yourself bed liner. I did this for my rails but the same steps can be applied for doing your whole bed.

    material list:
    bed liner
    painters tape
    painting roll
    flat head screwdriver
    sand paper
    power washer
    air blower
    chemical resistant gloves

    1. Chose your brand of bed liner. i found through my research that duplicolor has a smoother texture but still has strength. Herculiner is similar to Duplicolor but has a more textured and rougher finish. Raptor is a spray on that comes with a gun but is more expensive. I chose Duplicolor because i didn't want a really rough surface.

    2. Clean your bed very well. I suggest using a power washer to do this.

    3. Use painter's tape to to make your lines. if you are doing your rails this is very important if you want clean straight lines.

    3. Once your bed is dry start sanding try to make it as even as possible. I used 50 grit since it was the roughest i could find locally.

    4. Wipe your bed with the xylene. This stuff is pretty nasty so wear gloves and do it in a well ventilated area.

    5. Once it is dry start spraying on your bed liner. Your first coat won't look good but don't worry after multiple coats it looks good. I used four coats on each rail. After each roll I used a roller to even out the paint since the can sprayed uneven.
    first coat:
    Congratulations. You've successfully done your own bed liner and saved hundreds of dollars.
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