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Discussion in 'How-To' started by fomoco, Feb 6, 2011.

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  1. fomoco

    fomoco Moderator

    i found this off another site, i will get pics up tomorrow in the day light

    How-To: Make the useless side-marker light function as a turn-signal

    This How-To is for a gen 6, however this can be performed on any Ranger using the Daniel Stern Lighting Tech guide:

    Tools Needed:
    7/32 socket, and rachet
    Wire cutter/stripper
    Soldering Iron and Solder, or a 4 crimp on wire-taps
    Electrical Tape and/or shrink wrap

    • Step One:
    Remove your Turn Signal by pulling up on the 2 tabs holding the headlamps in, and then remove the 2 7/32 bolts holding the corners in


    Step Two:
    (You may have to cut back the wire loom to expose enough of the wires from both of the following bulbs.)
    Cut the wires for your side marker light about 4-6 inches from the light-bulb housing. (a black and a brown wire) Wrap the ends that normally supply this bulb electricity with electrical tape and tuck them behind the header panel, making sure no wire is exposed to cause a short.

    Cut the black wire on the corner light, and run a wire from the black wire on the corner to the the white/blue wire(passenger side) green/white(drivers side) wires


    Put the turn signal back on and you now have a functioning side-marker light!

    With this modification, you will have the following results:

    Headlights/Parking lights ON - turn signal flashes alternately with side marker light.

    Headlights/Parking lights OFF - Turn signal and side marker flash together.

    here is a demonstration from my 2001 ford ranger


    how said mod works
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  3. OP

    fomoco Moderator

    added video
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