How did you find us???

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Jon, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. top teke

    top teke New Member

    Google search brought this forum up. I like the mobile version of the site! I wish all he forums Im on used this!
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  3. Slowguy56

    Slowguy56 New Member

    Google search regarding Stepside vs Styleside brought up the link.
  4. Sam

    Sam New Member

    Hi, name is Sam, 1967 human, male, 5'-8" slightly used, a little high on mileage, and the truck is Newt Salamander Jr, 1997 Ford Ranger XLT supercab 2.3 l engine with a 5 speed w/overdrive (Mazda, m code) manual transmission. 178,856 miles on the odometer, still running, little issues but a good truck. (Same with me lol) We live in LaGrange, ME. out in the country at "The camp" living in a 4m bell tent, purchasing 7 Acres to live out the rest of out lives, with 54 more years to go, and hopefully to find someone to share it with, a good woman who loves Fords. Apparently, my photos are too big to upload, ugh. Great news, Found this form via Google, so you're out there.
  5. Sam

    Sam New Member

    Okay how do I upload a photo, it keeps saying file too big. all of them say they're too big (5 mb down to 2mb,) ugh
  6. 09NavyVet15

    09NavyVet15 New Member

    Anytime I google parts for my 97, this place is usually one of the first results I get
  7. Glenn

    Glenn New Member

    Just found this place. I have a 1986 Ranger XLT super cab. Bought it How I was station in
    Germany. I'm work on it for my grandson. In the mean time I will enjoy it.
  8. Pete smith

    Pete smith New Member

    Just purchased a 2018 Bi Turbo Ranger Wildtrac in Thailand for my Girlfriend. Seems to be good, any hints or tips, I only see it every 2 months or so, she is a new driver as well
  9. 1998Ranger2WDTom

    1998Ranger2WDTom New Member

    Google search got me here I am glad.
    Lots lots to read. Trying to understand how to best limit results.
  10. hankosaurus

    hankosaurus New Member

    I used DuckDuckGo search engine seeking "Ford Ranger forum" and this site popped right up.
  11. Oinayler

    Oinayler New Member

    I found you at the google search.
  12. Jeff0266

    Jeff0266 New Member

    I found you guys from a Google search while I was searching for an answer about why my check gas cap light was staying on. Still don't know why lol
  13. Trash Ranger

    Trash Ranger New Member

    I searched for "Ford Ranger light won't go off", and this site in the search results looked the most promising. I have a LOT to say about my Ranger. }:[

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