Hi, looking for a truck, some questions.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Missing Truck, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. Missing Truck

    Missing Truck New Member


    First post here. I'm looking for a small/medium truck to light hauling, mostly yardwork which means bags of soil, rocks, 2 x 4, etc. I had a 2000 S-10 4 cylinder, 2WD, manual trans, slow as molasses, sold it at 130K miles, ran like a champ. For whatever reason, I don't see that many S-10s on the road, at least not in my area (Central CA), but I do see lots of Rangers. I am still checking out the S-10s, but I do prefer the appearance of the Ranger more. I don't really need 4 x 4, but it's nice to have. Don't need a lot of power, so the 4 cylinder should suffice, but again, if it's not too much I'll get the V6. What's the difference in MPG between the 2? My budget is $6000, what can I expect to be able to buy in this range? Nice 3rd gen Ranger? What's the longest bed that I can get with a Ranger, also anything to watch out for? I know this is a lot questions but I guess I gotta start some where.

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  3. Jon

    Jon Administrator

    Welcome! $6K will definitely get you a nice Ranger!
  4. guido

    guido New Member

    just bought one

    Hi all. I'm new to ford ranger trucks. I just got a 02 ranger fx off road. So far so good. Here's the thing I have hard start problems when hot. Engine starts ok when cold. I'm thinking fuel pressure bleed down thru check valve_if it has one-or leaky injectors. EGR valve? Is there a tap on the fuel rail to check fuel pressure? I fix BMW for a living so I'm kinda out of my element here. Any thoughts on the subject ?
  5. Jon

    Jon Administrator

    Welcome man!
  6. brazospete7

    brazospete7 New Member

    Plug it in obd II thats what its for!
  7. armyranger09

    armyranger09 New Member

    for six grand it can get u a base model used ranger.... if you dont really need 4x4 dont get it... it will ruin your fuel economy... as far as the motor goes for six grand u will get a four cylinder with a manual transmission... they are great trucks tho... never have had a problem with mine
  8. blueovelboy

    blueovelboy the original ranger


    dude i have the 09 XL 2.3 l4 and just this weekend i had to do a fence repair so off to home depot for some stuff i got 8 4x4s 6' long 16 bags of concrete 60lbs bags and 70 1x6 slats and 8 2x8 grass boards when i payed and went to rent there truck this is when thay told me it was out till tomorrow so i thought ill load what i can and come back for the rest
    when i got done i had all that in my truck!!! as i was pulling out of home depot there was a man who said man thats one loaded ranger and i said Na its just a XL with air i could of got leather lol but it hauled it all just fine
    now i said that to tell you this there is a reason you buy a ford its job 1 or its built ford tough
  9. LisaWilliams

    LisaWilliams New Member

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