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Discussion in 'Vendor Showcase' started by gcextreme, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. gcextreme

    gcextreme GCEXTREME Vendor


    Hello, My name is Glenn, aka gcextreme.
    I am a long time Ranger enthusiast. I currently own 2 Rangers, a 98 and a 99. Before those, my first vehicle was a 95 Ranger, 2wd 5speed 2.3L reg cab.
    I love my rangers with a passion.
    My 99 Ranger is tricked out and looks awesome. I have more money into it than it will ever be worth!

    As a side job, I created my own web design and graphics business. I do custom vinyl graphics and shirts (soon hats!).
    I am a registered business, I have a Federal EIN and Minnesota State Tax ID number. So I am a legit business!!

    I am doing all this out of my spare bedroom/office all in my spare time....
    Do business with me, if you want to support a fellow Ranger owner and RangerForum member.
    Don't expect to have your product shipped the next day....I do this in my spare time, lead time is 1 week or longer depending on custom requests!
    Remember, MONEY TALKS. You ask me if I can do something for you, I will give you a quote. The faster I get payment, the sooner I start on your project!

    Custom Vinyl Decals

    Custom created vinyl T-Shirts (Hats will be available soon!)
    All graphics are High Quality ORACAL Siserweed Heat Transfer Vinyl.
    Custom Requests accepted.
    When asking for custom stuff, please provide the following info for a price quote:
    1. GRAPHIC SIZE. How Tall, How Wide. (Max is 14x14 for shirts)
    2. GRAPHIC COLOR(S). What color or colors. Some colors are more expensive than others.
    3. FONTS. Provide me a font name, or a link to download the font you want.
    4. SHIRT SIZE. Small, Medium, Large, XL. (2XL, 3XL shirts cost a bit more)
    5. SHIRT COLOR. Solid Colors Only for now.
    6. GRAPHIC LOCATIONS. Where do you want the graphics, front, back, top, bottom, left/right, etc.

    Solid Color Shirts and Graphics (Black Shirt with White Graphic) will run about $15 one sided, $20 two sided (price may vary depending on custom graphic and details. PLUS SHIPPING

    I accept Paypal.
    I will also accept Checks/Money Orders.

    Custom Items WILL NOT be made/cut, until payment is received.


    My First shirt...just did the front for now:
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  3. OP

    gcextreme GCEXTREME Vendor


    9 Large Black Shirts
    10 XL Black Shirts

    White Vinyl..

    I will get more colors of shirts soon, and more sizes.
    I will also be getting more colors of vinyl material for shirts soon too!!
  4. OP

    gcextreme GCEXTREME Vendor

    I now have RED vinyl available for shirts.
    So black shirts with white and red vinyl graphics!
  5. Demon

    Demon I take no prisoners!

    i want 2 xl black shirts with red. message me on facebook for design :thumbsup:
  6. OP

    gcextreme GCEXTREME Vendor

    Just purchased a Hat Heat Press machine for doing custom vinyl graphic hats!!
  7. OP

    gcextreme GCEXTREME Vendor

    Custom matching hat and shirt


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